5 SEO Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Copywriters are magical unicorns. Their ability to craft words into a story and connect with your niche is incredibly powerful. If you are reading this post, chances are that you are one of these magical beings. And for that we say, thank you for being here! We have the amazing opportunity to partner with copywriters […]

Are You A Copywriter? Here Are 5 SEO Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Content Creation for Social Media Tips

Earlier this year we sent a quiz out to our followers where we asked a few questions. One of those questions was “what is the one thing you struggle with when it comes to social media?” Can you guess what the most popular response was? Consistency. Content creation for social media can be challenging if […]

Our #1 secret to easy content creation for social media

Steps to optimize Google My Business profile

“How do I get my business on the first page of Google?” This is one of our most frequently asked questions and Google My Business is part of the answer! This completely free, easy to set up tool is a game changer when it comes to helping your business rank locally. Whether or not you […]

How To Optimize Google My Business Profile In 7 Simple Steps

Duo Collective Blog: How to Repurpose Content

Have you ever considered the value of the content you create? One piece of content has the power to be repurposed across every platform. It can be used in multiple ways making your life as an entrepreneur easier! Maybe you’ve heard about the magic of repurposed content but you have no idea how to execute […]

How to Repurpose Content In 8 Ways

How to choose the best SEO keyword for your small business

If you are reading this post about how to choose the best SEO keyword, it’s likely that you’ve started your SEO journey and are ready to rank on page one of Google. For that, we say congratulations! Tackling the world of organic SEO is a journey. Our goal is to help you break through the […]

How to choose the best SEO keyword for your business