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We believe your brand should be a mirror of your unique story and values. It's time to elevate your brand to a level you can be truly proud of. With each of our packages, we are committed to equipping you with the essential tools to make a lasting impact on your audience. 

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package one

Brand Basics

This might be for you if you are a brand new business owner and don't have a budget to support a deep rebrand (yet!) but you need the brand basics to launch your biz. 

patterns + Illustrations


primary logo


font styling

color story

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package two

Brand Creation

website favicon

photography direction

brand mission, vision, voice

Brand tone & personality

brand style guide

two collateral pieces

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patterns + Illustrations


primary logo


font styling

color story

This might be for you if you are ready for a complete branding experience from the ground up. You are looking to define your brands visual aesthetic along with your voice, mission, vision and more to ensure you are reaching your ideal clientele in everything you do. 

Did someone say brand freebie?

Are you more of a DIYer? We've gotchu! Uncover your brand vibe and get all the tools to start building your brand.

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"They did NOT disappoint. They made the process of rebranding so much fun and as always go above and beyond.

- lindsay, sound & circle

They really listened to my vision and did their research about my existing vision, and created branding that fits my business perfectly."

"We were beyond happy with how everything turned out. They’re super friendly and so knowledgeable!

- RHIANON, jessie tomme salon

They took the time and energy to get to know the feel of our salon and really worked with that while making it more modern and so beautiful!"

"Working with Abbey & Courtney was SO smooth, enjoyable, exciting and easy!

- julie, julie greer photography

They clearly set out a timeline of when each phase would complete and the expectations for both of us. They listened to my feedback and it showed throughout the process. Absolutely LOVE working with them!

success stories

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You're seeking a brand identity that reflects your unique vision and values.

You're looking for a strategic and creative partner to elevate your brand.

You're not into following the trends and you'd rather build something unique.

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You're ready for a collaborative design process tailored to your specific needs

We're a good fit if...

looking for smaller budget impact?

Looking for a brand audit or guidance on how to make your brand more impactful? Our strategy sessions are perfect for strategic direction if you are more of a DIYer. 

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Brand Strategy Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

what if i want just a logo?


Your brand is SO much more than a logo, therefore, we don't believe that "just a logo" gives your brand the attention it deserves. That’s why we specialize in a deeper brand identity that includes a logo and so much more! We understand it's a big investment but we promise it's one that brings clarity, confidence and bragging rights to your beautiful new brand — just ask our clients!

Do you offer payment plans?

Do you offer payment plans?

Yep! All you have to do is ask. We know what it’s like to start a business from the ground up, and we’re more than happy to make the process easy, so you can feel comfortable investing in a brand that will help your business grow.

What does the timeline look like? 

What does the timeline look like? 

Each package’s timeline is a bit different. For the Brand Basics Package you can expect about 4-6 weeks from kickoff to brand assets in your inbox. For the Brand Creation Package you can expect about 8-10 weeks from kickoff to your full brand in your inbox. We put our timelines in place to create the best work possible. The quicker the turnaround, the lower the quality—and we never want to sacrifice that.

what exactly is a submark? how is this different than my primary logo?


We love this question! A submark is a secondary logo(s) that compliments your primary logo and brand. Submarks are more flexible and tend to be used in situations where the full logo might be too large or detailed (think social, your footer of your website, etc.) It doesn’t replace your main logo but instead it’s meant to add a little more flair to your brand.

Want to learn more? Tune in to this episode on our podcast all about submarks!

do you offer brand collateral too?


Yes! After everything is wrapped up for your branding we love the opportunity to expand on it with things like business cards, social graphics, apparel and more. We can talk about these pieces at the initial kickoff OR if you want to add them on later, we can do that too. We are always here to help you build your brand collateral whenever you are ready. Due to the customization of these packages, we'll put together a unique proposal based on the collateral you are needing created.

i already have branding, can you design my website?


We only offer web design to our branding clients OR if you've worked with a reputable brand designer prior to working with us. Why? Because it makes your website so much stronger when you have that solid and consistent brand identity built first. We work best when we develop your brand's vision and can help craft that story—visually and strategically—when developing your website.

Also, because we know a thing or two about SEO...we won't build websites that aren't optimized. Why? Because what's the point of that beautiful new brand if no one can find you and see it? Want to learn more about our SEO services? Check them out here!

when everything is done, how do i receive my brand assets?


In the final files we deliver to you at the end of our project, you’ll receive working brand assets in Google Drive. This includes licensed fonts, logos, submarks, patterns, colors, icons and depending on the brand package you choose, a detailed brand guideline in PDF format. 

Have more questions on this? Just let us know!

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