SEO Certified Web Designer & Copywriter Directory

are Ready to build your website?

Looking for a web designer or copywriter?
One that you can actually trust to boost your SEO?

Whether you are looking to build a brand new website, launch a product, service or course or just ready for a refresh— these are your people! Not only can you feel confident in your website copywriting and design, but you'll sleep better knowing your people can actually find you on Google (and all those other search engines).

After doing 50+ SEO website audits and counting, we've seen the effects of a poorly optimized website and although we love doing these audits, we love it even more when they are built right the first time. And that is what this directory is all about!

6 weeks of intensive seo training by duo collective

Each member of our directory joined us for 6 weeks to learn true and authentic SEO strategies to build a website that ranks on SERP's (a fancy word for a search engine page)

what makes them seo certified?

Monthly dedicated time to learn about seo updates

SEO algorithms and tools are constantly changing. Each member in this group has dedicated their time and energy to continued education so their SEO skills stay ahead of the game. 

back pocket access to the duo!

You can rest assured knowing that any of these directory members have full access to us at all times through our community. Any extra complicated SEO question you have has a whole community of expert support behind it. 

They didn't just pay to be here. They put in the work!!

There are dozens of directories out there where a simple payment will grant you the luxury of being featured. That's not the case for us. We only want the best for our clients and that is why the qualification process is just that— a process! 

If you are a copywriter or web designer ready to join this crew of SEO-loving nerds, then get on the SEO Group Coaching Waitlist to join our next round. We launch a handful of programs each and every year.

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