Sound & Circle

social + brand pairing

Sound & Circle is an organizational company that specializes in beautifully, handcrafted & customized planners, calendars, notepads and more. Lindsay was ready to build a cohesive brand across every facet of her business from planner designs to her Insta feed, logos, patterns and so much more. Together we built a brand that creates a lasting first impression, shines above the competition, and not to mention, easy to use brand assets she can continue to build from.


Clean & Neutral

Realistic Organization



Jessie Tomme Salon

brand creation

Under new ownership, Jessie Tomme Salon in Mahtomedi, Minnesota was ready to revamp the entire brand. They wanted their brand to evoke the same passion they have for building confidence and creating relaxing, rejuvenating spaces in their cozy cottage salon. So, we dove into it all from social media strategy to brand visuals, voice and tone alongside a brand new SEO optimized website.


Confident & Comfortable

Create Excitement

Be Informative


Equal Parts

search engine optimization

When Equal Parts Cocktail Company first reached out to us they were already ranking on page one by a happy coincidence during an incredible shift in their business offerings to feature completely virtual cocktail classes during 2020. With that said, they were ready to stay ahead of the competition and ensure their website and content strategy (aka blog strategy) was a well oiled machine. From competitive keyword research to backlink strategies, a completely optimized website, and a lot of hard work, we secured a strong SEO path in the world of virtual cocktails.


Continue Organic Growth

Provide Hospitality

Create Consistent Blog Strategy


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