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brand creation + collateral

Under new ownership, Jessie Tomme Salon in Mahtomedi, Minnesota was ready to revamp the entire brand. They wanted their brand to evoke the same passion they have for building confidence and creating relaxing, rejuvenating spaces in their cozy cottage salon. So, we dove into it all from social media strategy to brand visuals, voice and tone alongside a brand new SEO optimized website.

objectives / results

Confident & Comfortable

Create Excitement & Be Informative

Post-Launch 4050 bookings from Feb. - May (Feb. being their slowest season) That's almost a 20% increase in bookings in less than 4 months!

Pre-Launch 3383 bookings from Nov. - Feb. (their busiest season with the holidays)

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Jessie Tomme Salon

My Pop Up Party

brand creation + collateral

My Pop Up Party came to us to create their brand from strategy to visuals to collateral with an emphasis on creating a brand that transformed any celebration into a magical experience. They wanted their brand to be elevated but fun while highlighting the magical experience their customers could expect when working with them. We put our party goggles on and got straight to work on this whimsical and imaginative brand creation.


Imaginative & Energetic

Create Magical Experiences

The Party Of Your Dreams

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Brittnie Renee Photography

brand basics - rebrand

Brittnie came to us for a rebrand for your photography & coaching business. She was looking for something adventurous while evoking emotions of confidence & fun. She loves embracing the chaos of capturing special moments for her clients. Knowing this, we wanted to be sure to highlight the side of chaos balanced with adventure & confidence through iconography, soft colors & fun visuals.


Relaxed & Confident

Chaos Wrangler & Coach

Be Adventurous

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West Luxe

brand creation + collateral

West Luxe came to us wanting to create a luxurious & modern custom home brand that elevated their clients lives with one-of-a-kind luxury homes that made their dreams a stunning reality. We created a brand that combined lux & modern design to create a high-end feel while being true its modern roots and local to Minnesota. The use of neutral colors, sleek typography and a tree ring brand pattern to capture that northern yet modern look.


Luxury & Modern

Values Custom Design

Elevate Your Life

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DWD Travel

search engine optimization

Dana came to us because she made a big investment in copywriting but felt unsure on whether it was optimized for SEO. Like many others, she designed her website herself (beautifully!) and just didn't feel confident that it was built for search engines. She didn't have the time to learn SEO and wanted to know that her website was doing it's job. I'm sure you can relate!

We jumped in and dug deep into how her competition was driving traffic, what types of keywords her ideal clients were searching for and then made all the optimizations for her— including a few hours of SEO copy to better optimize her headlines and increase word count. 


She is now on page 2 at position 16 for "honeymoon planning services" where she previously wasn't ranking for this keyword at all!

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Her keywords indexed increased over 120% from 270 keywords to over 600.

She saw a 65% increase in monthly organic search traffic.

Hunter Crafted Films

search engine optimization

Who wants to make money on vacation? While you sleep? On maternity leave? Well Molly did just that! While we optimized her website prior to maternity leave, she still saw some amazing organic growth while snuggling that baby! 

Molly first came to us because she was struggling to find the right platforms to bring in their ideal clients. She was looking for ways to attract their dream clients, get new inquiries and leverage a platform that gave her time back to focus on her clients and experience rather than feeding the social media beasts. SEO was the perfect answer!


They focused on growing their backlinks which jumped from 0 to 60 and had a tremendous impact on their authority.

Domain authority jumped from a 1 to a 13 in just 6 months. And this is the hardest SEO metric to grow!

They moved from page 5 for "cincinnati wedding videographer" to page ONE!

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Mashe Modern

search engine optimization

Kristen came to us because she was tired of the Instagram hustle— she wanted her website to do the hard work for her so she could stop stressing about the algorithm. (relatable, huh!?) In comes SEO. An opportunity for her website to drive new traffic and sales so she can grow her business in ways that worked for her while still being present for her littles. 

And that is exactly what we did! We focused on optimizing her website, product pages and category pages with the right keywords that helped her rank higher and ultimately drive more search traffic and sales. We also built her a backlink strategy plan and content strategies so she could continue to grow her authority with search engines long after we've finished optimizing. 


The best part... "Spending the last 9 months building up my customer base from an SEO strategy is helping me move to the next step of opening a store location!"

A 25% increase in keywords indexed within 5 months.

A 150% increase in search traffic from less than 300 clicks each month to 670.

55% Increase in orders per month which amounted to an additional 4k in revenue over 3 months.

Page ONE, Position 4 on Google for "Modern Quilt Fabric" (previously position 19)

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