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ChatGPT Prompts To Save You Time

Today, we are sharing the things we ask AI tools (like ChatGPT) to help save us time, drive efficiencies, and exactly how to ask these questions and refine them for the best results. Whether you’ve dabbled in using AI tools or not, you’ve likely heard the stigma… “They suck. The content I get is crap. I can do it better.” 

Here’s the thing. The content doesn’t suck… how you are asking sucks. (sorry)

We already have loads of content on the podcast diving into various AI tools and what ChatGPT is, so tune into Episodes #57 and #59. Today is less about what AI tools you can use and what these tools are and more about how to actually use them. We’re going to share some ChatGPT prompts and templates you can use to get the content you want.

Note: You can use these prompts with any AI tool like BARD or ChatGPT, but today we’re going to focus on ChatGPT because that is the tool we use regularly. 

Is ChatGPT+ worth the investment? 

Let’s start with a question we get often when talking about ChatGPT. Is the premium version worth the investment?


First, it has way better content, which is the main reason we invested. The answers it gives you are much more precise and accurate to your request. The reason is that the premium version browses the web. The free version can only access data up to September 2021, so sometimes it gives you inaccurate or outdated information. 

ChatGPT+ can also analyze entire websites, analyze data (if you upload a document or image), and generate images. The capabilities are more detailed than in the free version.

Important: Make sure you are browsing in the right version once you upgrade. Sometimes, it automatically drops us back into the free version, and we need to switch back. 

Episode Follow Up: The Image ChatGPT Generated For Us

The ChatGPT Prompt we used to create a similar drink image for use on our website

Honestly… not bad!

Your Homework Before Exploring ChatGPT Prompts

Before we share ChatGPT prompts, open a Google Doc and write the following:

  • Define your audience
  • Define your voice and personality

For example, our audience is entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are looking for ways to grow their businesses without spending a penny on ads. We might add details like where they prefer to engage online, what they like to do for fun, what kind of industry they are in, and their biggest fears. 

Our voice and personality are: “We speak like we are sitting down for coffee with an old friend. We don’t use jargon. We are friendly, encouraging, and motivating. We are our clients and audience’s biggest cheerleaders. We are your business besties and genuinely care about helping our clients see real tangible results.”

This is what you will copy and share with ChatGPT any time it’s writing content for your business.

ChatGPT Prompts for Entrepreneurs

Now, onto the good stuff! These are the prompts we use in our business. We created templates so you can use them specific to your business or your client’s business.

Course Creation Help

  • Can you write me an outline of what I should include in this course [Insert course name and details]:. Outlining the modules and content I should record?
  • Can you look at this course I created and let me know what I am missing and if you see any opportunities to add content or resources? (Upload document)
  • Can you write me script notes for these course slides? (be sure to share your voice and personality here)
  • Can you review this sales page: (insert URL) and write me some sales copy to use for emails / social post captions / etc. (Get specific here. The more specific, the better the content)

Real-life example: “Can you take these images and pull out the text for me?” We uploaded images of testimonials, so we didn’t have to rewrite them all. 

Blog or Podcast Creation

  • Can you analyze my blogs (insert URL) and let me know what other blog ideas I could write about? Please include a specific keyword to write with each post idea. Here are my best-performing blogs to help. (adding audience details here can help, too)
  • Can you write me an SEO Title that is 60 characters or less for this blog post and be sure to use this keyword: (insert keyword)? Could you give me five options, please? (We always like to throw a please in there from time to time, haha)
  • Can you write me a meta description that is less than 155 characters for this SEO Title and blog post?

Social Media

  • Can you analyze my Instagram account (insert URL or take a photo of it) and make me content themes/buckets based on what types of content you see?
  • Can you help me ideate some content ideas for my Instagram for this content bucket: (insert bucket name)?
  • Can you write me a caption for this social post (upload image(s))? I want the takeaway to be X, Y, Z.

Email Marketing

  • Can you give me some email subject line ideas for this email (copy and paste email content or upload an image)? I want the subject line to be intriguing and less than ten words long. 


  • We want to do this… can you help brainstorm some ideas for us?
    • Podcast ideas for this season, milestones, etc. 
    • Course ideas — I don’t know what to build a course on… help me ideate!
    • Gift ideas for clients 

Things To Say To Refine and Perfect Your ChatGPT Prompts

  • Can you further elaborate on this section and make it better?
  • I don’t like words like this and this. Can you try again?
  • Can you rewrite this paragraph and give me two options (adding options help!)
  • Can you try again but try to better match this kind of language? (This example is from another post of ours.)


Rename and label your chats so you can come back to them! For example, we have some that are specific to certain clients and others that are “podcast / blog / social ideas”.

You don’t have to start a new chat every time! You can go back and use old chats, saving you time because the tool already knows all the information you previously shared within that chat and can build on it. 

Our Experience and Limitations of ChatGPT

As much as there is to love about ChatGPT, there are still some things that bug us. For example, they loveeeeee to add colons to any and all blog or podcast ideas and headlines. Just ask it not to or to rewrite the ones it gave you without a colon.

It can also be slow sometimes. Clear your browser cache if this happens, or start a new chat if there is too much “data” in there. 

And there you have it. Some ChatGPT prompts to get you started today. Bookmark these show notes so you can refer back to them as a reminder to use AI more to help save you time and have more fun brainstorming content!

how to use chatgpt the right way

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