3 Easy SEO Tricks To Better Rankings — Quicker


3 Easy SEO Tricks To Better Rankings Duo On Air Podcast

If you’ve been following along with us for some time, you know that although we love SEO, it’s a long game. When focusing on growing your organic SEO, you likely won’t see a huge impact in your rankings until 3 or 4 months in. In this entrepreneurial landscape, we are always craving quick results and easy wins that bring in new leads now. We get it! Which is exactly why we decided to bring you some easy SEO tricks to help you see some quick results. Well really, we are hoping that these SEO wins will actually help you fall in love with SEO like us!

Now before we dig into these three easy SEO tricks, remember that not all SEO strategies are good. There are plenty of poor SEO strategies out there such as buying backlinks or hiding text boxes. We would never recommend these. Instead we are going to share easy wins that are actually legit. Tricks that Google herself even likes. Let’s dig in!

3 Easy SEO Tricks To Better Your Rankings & Traffic

1. Optimize your SEO titles & headlines 

Our first easy SEO trick is to optimize your SEO titles and headlines. We would recommend starting with those blog posts that are currently ranking on pages 5 or up. Or maybe they aren’t ranking at all. Ask yourself, are these titles click-worthy? Is it actionable? What are my competitors that live on page one doing for their SEO titles and how can I make mine better?

After you’ve peeked at your SEO titles, jump to you those headlines throughout your post. Are your headlines keyword rich? Remember that writing for one, single keyword is no longer a best practice. We should instead be writing for multiple keywords.

Headlines and SEO tiles are weighted heavily when Google is crawling your content. By simply optimizing these details, you are giving your content a better chance to rank higher. And when you rank higher you drive more traffic to your website organically, helping you get found!

Where to find your best and least performing pieces of content

Using Google Analytics of course! We of course have some favorite metrics to peek at in Google Analytics and this is one of them. Once you are inside your dashboard, you will follow this path:

reports> engagement > pages and screens

Here you can sort by your best and least performing pages. You can also modify the dates.

Best performing and least pages in Google Analytics 4

2. Audit Your best performing posts

Next, we recommend going to your best performing posts. These are those well-deserved blog posts that are ranking on pages one, two and maybe three of search engine pages like Google. They drive traffic to your website every single month. They are the blog posts you cherish because you are actually seeing the results of your hard work.

Now, you might be asking, why would I want to mess with these! Good question. It’s because we want these posts to continue to perform better and higher. So how should we audit our best performing pieces of content? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself as you review each post:

  1. Is anything out dated?
  2. Peek at your chosen keyword again, are their new “related keywords” now that you didn’t consider before?
  3. When you Google this topic, are there other articles sharing deeper information than you? 
  4. Could you enhance this post with a video?
  5. Have you had any comments with more questions you can answer in the post rather than relying on the comments?
  6. Update your final call to action. What’s changed for your business? Is there something new you want your users to do? Sign up for your email list for example? A new program? Buy a new product or course?
  7. Finally, update or add new internal links to related content you may have created since you wrote this article. Internal links are so important, as they help Google better understand your content.

Now, once you’ve updated an old post, there are two things you need to do:

  1. First, go and request a crawl on Google Search Console. We recommend doing this anytime you update a page on your website or blog. This ensures that Google knows about the new updated content and can readily serve it to your audience.
  2. Next, go and share it with your audience. Make a new Pinterest graphic, share it on Instagram stories, with an email to your list and anywhere else you market your business.

3. Fix your broken links

Our last and final easy SEO trick to help you rank higher is to fix any broken links you might have. In order to check and see if you have any broken links, head to brokenlinkcheck.com. Once you’ve entered in your domain, you will be able to see the source of any broken links. Then you can jump in there and fix them.

A broken link is a link that points to your domain through a 404 page. Broken links send signals to Google that your website isn’t working properly. This in turn will hurt your SEO and effect your rankings. We recommend checking your broken links quarterly to ensure that you stay in good standings with search engines like Google.

There’s your three easy tricks to better your SEO, quickly

Writing new blog content and working on your backlink strategy are still very important SEO tasks that you should be doing for your business. But every once in a while, we need some easy wins. Some quick results. And these SEO tricks are just that.

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3 Easy SEO Tricks To Better Rankings — Quicker

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