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Laurel Vines Pinterest manager and web designer

We are so excited for you to meet Laurel! She is a coaching student of ours, and we share a lot of similar passions, like organically marketing your business. She specializes in SEO-driven web design and, what we are here to talk about today, Pinterest. Another search engine we often forget is a search engine. 😂 She knows it all about driving organic traffic from Pinterest!

We are so excited to nerd out on the latest opportunities within Pinterest and uncover what’s new and working for her clients. Whether you are looking to get started with Pinterest or just find new ways to grow, tune in. Let’s uncover what’s going on with one of our favorite search engines. 

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why do you think Pinterest is often overlooked as a traffic-driving tool?
  • From your client experience, what types of businesses or niches tend to perform best on Pinterest?
  • What are some key strategies or best practices you’d recommend for someone just starting on Pinterest? Or maybe for someone whose account has sat dormant for some time?
  • What’s changed in the world of Pinterest lately? What is the algorithm loving and where should we focus our energy?
  • Tell us a Pinterest secret most people don’t know about.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Pinterest

Laurel has worked with several clients on Pinterest and shares some common mistakes to avoid when working towards organic traffic from Pinterest.

The first is treating it like a social media platform. It’s not! Pinterest is a search engine. People get hung up on followers or impressions when what actually matters is the conversion and traffic. 

Another is not thinking about the full customer journey. When someone clicks on the pin to visit your website, there should be a clear CTA telling them what you want them to do next. That could be signing up for your newsletter, submitting a contact form, or visiting your services page. Think about the purpose of someone clicking on that pin.

Finally, don’t ignore trends and seasonality. Stay informed about popular trends and create content that resonates with the current season or relevant events. Pinterest traffic spikes during the holiday season, so think of some creative holiday content you can share during the final months of the year.

Pinterest Metrics that Matter

The difference between Pinterest and other social platforms is it doesn’t want people to stay on its site. It wants people to find what they’re looking for. So, clicks to your website are the most important metric to Pinterest and should be to you, too!

Other important metrics are engagements, like saves, likes, and clicks. It indicates people are interested in the content you’re sharing. Pinterest obviously likes to see that! When it sees people engaging with the content, they’ll show it in more search results.

Getting Started with Pinterest

Do all business owners need Pinterest? We think it has amazing potential to be a high-traffic driver for your business. As we’ve mentioned before in episode 88, this is a platform you could fully commit to, and it could be fantastic for your business. However, if you decide to go that route, there are some things you should have before working on driving organic traffic from Pinterest.

  • Make sure your audience is on Pinterest: Not every industry has audiences on Pinterest. Do some research to make sure your audience is active on Pinterest before investing your time into it!
  • Have a backlog of content: You should already have plenty of content to share. Pinterest recommends posting 3-5 pins per day, which is significantly more than other social platforms. You should have blogs, freebies, podcast episodes, etc. ready to go! Evergreen content is even better on Pinterest.
  • Graphics templates: Churning out that many pins a day will get exhausting. A Canva template of graphics should help! Create variations for your content pillars to use when you’re ready to get started on Pinterest.

Pinterest can be a great tool for business owners; just make sure your audience is using it! We learned so much from Laurel in this episode – we hope you did, too!

About Laurel and Vineyard Creative Co.

Laurel is a Pinterest Strategist and SEO focused web designer serving creatives. She’s passionate about helping businesses grow their businesses sustainably and beautifully. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and enjoys travelling and exercising her creativity and chance she gets.

Visit her website

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Driving Organic Traffic from Pinterest with Laurel Vines

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