How To Create The Best Instagram Profile Bio For Your Business


How To Create The Best Instagram Profile Bio For Your Business Duo On Air Podcast Episode

Hey friend, when’s the last time you peeked at your Instagram bio? Your Instagram bio is in so many ways your digital business card. You have seconds to grab your audience’s attention and help them answer the question “should I follow you or not?” or “should I click on your website link?” And we are pretty sure, we all want that answer to be — heck yes!

So go ahead and take a look at your Instagram feed. If your feed is a chaotic mess and your bio is a long paragraph of copy, chances are those who landed on your page won’t hang around long. We are craving things, especially on Instagram, that are aesthetically pleasing to look at — your bio included!

Your Instagram profile bio is, many times, one of the first places people go to learn more about you, regardless of where they found you. So, how do we create the best instagram profile bio for your business? Let’s dig into it!

SEO Instagram Profile Description

1. Use Keywords In Your Instagram Name

Yes, SEO and Instagram are the newest hot couple. So beware, because we talk a lot about keywords on the ‘Gram. Your name on Instagram is the most searchable part of your entire profile! Give it a try. Go ahead and type in your service, an offering or product into the search bar on instagram. Who pops up when you search under accounts? You will likely notice that they have that particular keyword in their name. 

Quick Note: you have 30 characters to use in this space and you can only change your name twice in 14 days. So watch for typos and don’t go too crazy!

2. Your Instagram Profile Description

Let’s break down your description. Before we dive into some examples of what to include in your Instagram description be sure to keep in mind these things:

  • People like to skim, break it up into bite sized chunks
  • Use emojis to save words and make the content easier on the eyes.
  • Always use keywords
  • Keep in mind the 150 character limit

3. What To Put In Your Instagram Profile Bio Description

  • Use your name, make it easy for people to know you and communicate with you.
  • List out your services into big categories or your best selling products categories or industries. Remember, it will be super important to use keywords here too.
  • Add a splash of personality with something unique about you… are you obsessed with plants, big dogs, whiskey or a coffee shop addict. Go ahead and share that!
  • Finally, have a call to action that leads to your link. What is the number one thing you want your audience to do when they land on your Instagram profile? Is it to sign up for your email list? Buy a product? Inquire about a service or program? Tell them!

4. What Else Should You Consider To Create The Best Instagram Profile Bio?

  • Use your profile highlights strategically.
  • Your profile photo should be a picture of you. People buy from people, let’s see your pretty face!
  • Is your Instagram feed cohesive? Sure, perfection is gone, but your feed should still draw them in and look like everything else you put out into the world. Consistent branding is key across every platform your business lives on. 

Your Instagram profile is your resume for the digital age. Many times, this is your first connection with so many potential clients and customers. Let’s make it a good one!

Need some help crafting your bio? Book a spot on our calendar for a social strategy session! We can spend this hour ideating your bio, social strategy content pillars, competitive research, content ideas and answer any questions you have about our friend Instagram.

Be sure to tune in to the episode to hear more about how to create the best Instagram Profile Bio. And if you liked today’s episode on The Duo On Air Marketing Podcast, don’t forget to leave us a review & subscribe!

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How To Create The Best Instagram Profile Bio For Your Business

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