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Our #1 secret to content creation for social media pinterest graphicEarlier this year we sent a quiz out to our followers where we asked a few questions. One of those questions was “what is the one thing you struggle with when it comes to social media?” Can you guess what the most popular response was? Consistency. Content creation for social media can be challenging if you don’t have this one simple thing. And without this one thing, you will never be able to find that consistency. So what is it?

The number one secret to finding consistency with content creation for social media is having a social media strategy. 

Not creating a social media strategy for your business is like building your house on quicksand. You will constantly feel the struggle to create content that is relevant and drives real growth. So what is a social media strategy and how does it relate to content creation? A good social media strategy consists of content pillars that speak to your services and offerings, answers your audiences pain points and shares your unique perspective.  

Tips on how to build a killer strategy for social media marketing

Let’s talk about these social strategy pillars. Grab a sheet of paper, because we are going to do this together! To start, we are going to break this down into three categories:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What does your business offer / sell?
  3. Who are you?

Now write down categories that fit under each of those questions. These categories are going to become your social strategy pillars. They will help to provide the consistency you are looking for when it comes to content creation for social media

How does this come to life when you look at your Instagram feed? Here are three examples from drastically different clients of ours: a beauty salon, an interior design studio and a health and fitness coach. Each with a unique, personalized social strategy that will create an endless amount of engaging content. 

Social Media Strategy Content Pillar Examples

Our favorite content creation tools for social media 

Now before we dive into more content creation secrets for social media, let’s pause and talk about some must have tools. These three tools will help make content creation easier and more enjoyable!

  • Canva: to create beautiful, on-brand social media templates to support your content.
  • Tailwind: to plan ahead and create a cohesive Instagram feed that is strategic and of course beautiful. 

Check out this post to read more about these tools as well as three more completely free social media management tools that we love. 

Now, let’s get into those content creation secrets!

Here are FOUR more tips to make content creation for social media easier, quicker and more effective:

1. Plan your content in advance

This is so much easier to do when you’ve identified your social strategy pillars. You can start to lay out your content – using a tool like Tailwind – and easily find the holes. Did you share some tips or educational content related to your services or offerings? Did you address a pain point your audience is searching for or can relate to? How about a behind the scenes look at your work life? Make sure to address each content pillar and mix it up to keep your audience engaged. 

2. Lead with insights

Always start with your audience first. After all, we are creating content for them, right!? There are a few different ways you can lead with insights. The first is Google Analytics. This is one of our absolute favorite Google tools for entrepreneurs because it gives you an inside look at who is visiting your website, how they are finding you and what content they are loving. 

To see what content is performing best, follow this path in Google Analytics and make sure to adjust the dates to the timeframe you want to measure or else it will revert you to the past week’s performance:

Behavior > Site Content > All Pages

Another obvious area to find insights when focusing on content creation for social media is Instagram! Head into your app and click on “insights”. Change your timeframe to the last 30 days and peek at your top performing posts. You can sort by reach, comments, profile visits and more. Try doing this once a month so that you can continue to create content that your audience is craving!

Content Creation for Social Media Instagram Insights

3. Source inspiration from multiple sources

Our favorite places to source content inspiration are Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and podcasts. We are constantly inspired by our Instagram followers and your content keeps our wheels turning. Pinterest is another phenomenal source of inspiration when it comes to content creation for social media and beyond, such as long form content like blog posts. YouTube is yet another search engine that produces long form content with killer thumb-stopping headlines and video titles. Finally, podcasts are a constant source of inspiration for us because it’s a platform built to drive conversation and deep thinking for your business. 

By being active on these four channels (and others!) you will naturally be inspired to create content that brings to light your unique perspective. These ideas tend to pop up when we aren’t in the content creation mindset and that is even better! If you have a place to organize your content, like Asana, you can constantly be adding these ideas to your list so that once you finally do sit down to create content you have a place to start. 

4. Start with an SEO approach

We wouldn’t be SEO experts if we didn’t weave these strategies into every part of content creation, whether it’s for social media or not. The goal is to create content that your audience is actually searching for. Therefore, starting your content creation process with keyword research tools is never a bad idea. 

Did we lose you with any of that? SEO beginners, start here!

So, let’s sum this all up for you…to be consistent with content creation for social media you need the following:

  1.  A strong social media strategy
  2.  A workflow that allows you to plan ahead
  3.  Strong grasp on your insights
  4.  Multiple sources of inspiration
  5.  To lead with an SEO approach 


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