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Custom Brand Pattern

Brand patterns are one of the most underrated visual branding assets out there. These assets are yet another visual asset to represent your business story and connect with your customers on a deeper level. They’re flexible with your current branding guidelines, fit whatever you need them for, and create an emotional connection with your audience. So, let’s break down all things brand patterns including how can you use a brand pattern to your advantage? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Brand Pattern?

A brand pattern is a design pattern used to represent your business in your branding. Your unique brand guidelines and elements can help to influence your pattern. When exploring how to design your brand pattern a lot of different elements come to play from colors, fonts, and even your brand values. A pattern can be simple or complex. The beautiful part is that it’s built around your brand and you.

How a Brand Pattern Plays a Role in Your Brand Strategy

If you know anything about branding, you know having brand guidelines is super important for brand recognition and relevance. It ensures your branding is consistent across platforms and time, which helps build that long-term visibility and customer trust in your business. 

Gaining visibility and trust isn’t an overnight process. You need a strong brand identity to set yourself apart from other businesses. A good chunk of brand identity comes from well-designed branding, but it also depends on you! Build a good reputation by consistently delivering results to your clients. Over time, that prestige translates into trust in your business. Strong brand identity + actual results = customers visually associating your brand with positive attributes!

A brand pattern is an extension of your branding. For your brand pattern to be effective, use recognizable elements from your branding so customers associate your pattern with the traits of your business. Well-designed brand patterns represent your business’s foundational values, tell a story, and create an emotional connection with your customers. Curious how this all comes to life? Let’s share some of our favorites!

Peek At Some Of Our Favorite Brand Patterns

We can’t talk about brand patterns without showing you some lovely examples of client brand patterns we’ve worked on! For our clients we oftentimes use the “why” behind their business to bring to life their brand assets. Along with relying on their brand’s personality, values and mission. 

We had a ton of fun catering each of these brand patterns to all our unique clients and their business. We think they’re damn good examples of a great brand pattern that communicates those core values while remaining recognizable. Let’s dive in!

Valley Made PHX

One of our favorite things to do is to sneak in little personal elements into brands that make the brand unique and ownable to you. For Valley Made PHX, we incorporated the cutest piñata and other elements surrounding it. The client’s grandpa growing up was the go-to person for parties and décor, and she learned how to make piñatas with him. It was moments like these that built the inspiration for their company. And it’s stories like this that allow us to get creative and have some fun with brand patterns.

valley made phx brand pattern by duo collective

My Pop Up Party

What better pattern than confetti for a party-planning biz?! Or is it sprinkles…? You decide – it’s your party! This vibrant, playful pattern fits perfectly with this brand by bringing energy, magic, and brightness to any party, something these two women aim to do with every party they throw.

party planning brand pattern confetti

Laila Alieh

This brand pattern packs a lot of personal touches. The stars and galaxy represent our client’s past as a former NASA engineer! Crazy, right?! And the added constellations are tied back to very important family birthdays that mean a lot to her. Who would have known that such a simple pattern could be something so meaningful and out of this world? 

space pattern for branding

Brittnie Renee Photography

Photographer and coach Brittnie wears a lot of hats and captures the chaos along the way. We wanted to make sure to capture all of what she does: photography, coaching, podcasting, and bringing some shine along with her anywhere she goes. By using icons that demonstrate these things, we were able to playfully make a custom pattern that shows off her brand in a fun and memorable fashion.

brand pattern for a photographer

We hope these examples of our client’s brand patterns and the story behind them give you a little inspiration! Brand patterns add another human element to your business and branding, which is super helpful for building that trust with your customer base and getting to know them on a deeper level. Plus, they’re just super cute! 

How To Use Your Brand Patterns

Now you might be wondering, “once I have a pattern, what are all the ways I can use it?

That is a great question! Here are some of our favorite ways to use a brand pattern to help enhance and add depth to your brand.

  • Website backgrounds to help break up sections
  • Social media graphics
  • Business cards
  • Printed collateral: handouts and signage
  • Presentations and service guides
  • Packaging design and tissue paper
  • Apparel from hats to shirts
  • Home office decor from rugs to wallpaper to stationary
  • Stickers (to keep or giveaway)

All the ways you can use your brand pattern is truly endless. And hey, if you don’t have a brand pattern already, we would love to help round out your brand with the proper elements to really make a splash. Contact us today to get on our branding waitlist!

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