Tackling Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism on Social Media


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Imposter syndrome and perfectionism are two things we think every business owner has experienced at least once in their entrepreneurial journey. We definitely have! It sucks to get trapped in negative mindsets, which is why we brought Annik Welsh on the podcast. She helps business owners show up as their authentic selves on social media. Annik gave us unique perspectives on impostor syndrome and perfectionism and how to overcome them!

What you can expect to hear in this episode

  • What are some common mindset blocks you see entrepreneurs carrying and holding them back from showing up on social media?
  • You talk a lot about protecting your energy. What are some ways we can do that when we are consuming content?
  • What boundaries do you recommend your clients put in place when it comes to social apps and consuming content?
  • Do you find that certain social media apps are worse than others at stealing our confidence? 
  • What advice do you have to help us stay creative most often?

Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism on Social Media

These are two of the most common mindset blocks when it comes to social media. It’s an easy trap to fall into, especially when everyone is putting their best foot forward on social. It can feel like you aren’t good enough (spoiler: YOU ARE!). You need to protect your energy and set boundaries with social media. Here are some tips to do that!

  • Curate your feed
  • Mute people who cause your imposter syndrome to rise
  • Be intentional and set an intention before you scroll
  • Set a timer
  • Turn off notifications
  • Know when you need to take a break.

We’ve definitely had to learn how to set boundaries with our time on social media. These have really helped us, and we hope they help you, too!

Conquering Mindset Blocks

One of the ways we conquer mindset blocks is through intentional journaling exercises. We know journaling isn’t for everyone, and we aren’t asking you to write an essay 😉 but these quick exercises realign our mentality around social media and our business. 

Journal Prompts for Perfectionism

  • Write down 20 negatives to being perfect.
  • Write 20 positives for making mistakes.

Journal Prompts for Imposter Syndrome

  • Write down 20 things that make you great. 
  • Write down 20 positive things your clients have said about you.

Impostor syndrome and perfectionism on social media are two things that happen easily and are hard to overcome. Protect yourself from them by setting boundaries on social media and trying one (or all!) of the journal prompts we gave you. See just how much it improves your mindset around your business and how you show up for your audience! 

Meet Annik

Annik Welsh is a Social Media Manager and a certified Confidence & Social Media Coach. She started Annik Welsh Social back in January 2020 to help businesses tell their unique stories online. With four years as a social media strategist under her belt, she believes in finding creative strategies that feel 100% aligned with your business. Through her management and strategic services, she has helped businesses achieve their goals and build successful organic marketing funnels. Her social media and confidence coaching program has helped many online entrepreneurs gain the confidence to overcome their limiting beliefs and show up on social with authenticity. Connect with her on the gram!

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Tackling Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism on Social Media

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