Two Tips To Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs


Sensi Graves

There is no way you won’t feel a spark of motivation from our guest after listening to this episode. Sensi Graves popped into our inbox with the coolest story and combination of careers, from being a professional kiteboarder to starting her own swimwear brand and finally now being a motivational speaker. She said something that struck us to our core in her podcast application — “I didn’t feel proud of myself.”

I wanted to shout through my computer and say, “How!? Look at all the amazing things you’ve done!” And then I paused for a second and thought I might be doing this to myself. Look at all the things that we’ve done as CEO’s and working moms. Chances are you feel this too. And it’s time to make a change. I cannot wait for you to listen to this episode with Sensi, and I hope you walk away a few steps lighter feeling like the amazing human you are!

We are so excited to dig into all the things, especially our mindset and what might be holding us back from achieving our next level of success. How about you!?

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Tell us a little about your professional career as a kiteboarder. How did you get into this, and then how did that catapult you into the business world you touch today?
  • Did you ever imagine your career path to look like this? Looking back now, does it all feel like each layer fell into place naturally?
  • What are some of the biggest mindset blocks you experienced that might have held you back in the past?
  • How did you shift from “not believing in yourself” to being a motivational speaker inspiring people all over the world? Did you have help along the way?

Tips to Overcome Our Limiting Beliefs 

What are you saying to yourself that’s negative and not true? Are you judging yourself unfairly? Instead of focusing on everything we aren’t doing, how about we cheer ourselves on? Let’s overcome our limiting beliefs and mindsets and tell ourselves we CAN do it. 

These are some of the tips Sensi shared to overcome our limiting beliefs:

1.) Invest in yourself:

Fill your own cup before filling someone else’s! Hire a personal trainer to feel good, take an online course to develop new skills, or buy a new book! It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but do something for yourself.

2.) Celebrate wins:

What are some things you’ve accomplished? What are the things you’re doing every day that deserve a pat on the back? Reflect and consider how much you’ve accomplished. I promise it’s more than you think!

It takes time to learn how to be proud of yourself. It doesn’t come naturally to many people. It’s a constant battle against the voices in society saying we aren’t enough. Work on the things Sensi recommended in this episode, and we know you’ll be much better for it!

Meet Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder, confidence expert and empowerment speaker. She’s also the founder of Sensi Graves Swim, a sustainable swimwear line for active women. She helps people feel like they’re enough now by sharing the story of becoming a pro kiteboarder and starting a business before she believed that she could. When not traveling for photoshoots or speaking gigs, Sensi runs women’s kiteboarding retreats and camps and mentors on confidence and business.

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Browse a few of Sensi’s favorite affirmations here.

Two Tips To Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

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