The Importance of Identifying Roles in Your Business Partnership


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Are you looking to start a business partnership? Already in one and wondering how to make it run smoother? Maybe you are dreaming about one day? Or maybe you just want to hear about the inner workings of Duo Collective! Regardless of which one you fall in, you came to the right place! Chances are you might be struggling with identifying roles and clarity in your business partnership. Sound about right?

The Business Partnership Secrets You’ve Been Waiting For!

On this episode of the Duo On Air Podcast we dig into some of your most asked business partnership questions:

  • How to find the right business partner.
  • How to make those complicated decisions where you don’t align.
  • Who will take the lead?
  • How to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • How will you communicate?
  • What tools are out there to make business partnership communication easier?
  • How the heck are we going to define our roles when you have to do it all as a small business owner — especially in the early days!

We came from an agency where we already had some clearly defined roles which made things easier for us. Since we had a jumpstart on this gray area, we wanted to share our secrets with you. Is it cookies and rainbows all the time? Not at all! But we have learned how to have those uncomfortable conversations and you can too!

At the end of the day, communication is always our number one recommendation for any business partnership regardless of what stage you are at. Communicate everything always. So there is never confusion or resentment over something. Because that un-communicated build up is what can destroy a business even faster than you think. 

So go ahead, grab your beverage of choice and take a listen to the latest episode of Duo On Air. 

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The Importance of Identifying Roles in Your Business Partnership

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Abbey Oslin and Courtney Petersen are Minnesota-based marketing experts, educators, and co-founders of boutique marketing agency Duo Collective, which specializes in SEO, social media strategy, and branding for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs. To learn more about Duo Collective, or to inquire about working with our team, head over to 

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