Navigating Stress and Success Through Nervous System Health


The Importance of Nervous System Health as a Founder and Marketer

Honestly, this topic is something both Court and I are extremely interested in, and we plan to nerd out on it. We aren’t talking about SEO this time, but the science behind our nervous system health and how this can affect our ability to scale our business. 

Once you step into that CEO role, it’s crazy how quickly you realize your personal life, health, and stress can affect your work. There is no work-life balance. 

Entrepreneurship is this harmonious mix of both worlds— and harmonious is that word we are always searching for. So, how much of this is due to our nervous system? What even is our nervous system? How do we know if we are out of balance? These are all questions we dig into in this episode along with tools you can use today to help find that harmony we are searching for. Are you ready?!

What you can expect to hear in this episode

  • How did your business come to be?
  • Can you give us a quick overview of what the nervous system is and why it’s so crucial?
  • What are some signs that our nervous system might be out of sorts? And why is this such a big deal regarding running a business?
  • How do you personally handle stressful business situations while keeping your nervous system in check?

What does your nervous system do?

Your nervous system is a complex network of nerves and cells that transmit signals throughout your body, allowing it to sense and respond to its environment. The nervous system allows you to:

  • Breathe
  • Process information and speak
  • Feel calm
  • Scan your surroundings for danger and tell you if you need to act

It’s essentially your brain and body working together to think, act, and speak and stay regulated to do those things. The science behind it goes way over our heads, but at a basic level, we can understand that it’s important that our nervous system is in check. If anything’s out of whack, it can mess with our ability to think creatively, our confidence in ourselves, and how we make decisions.

Benefits of having strong nervous system health

To have long-term, sustainable success in business, you must have a strong nervous system. If you aren’t healthy, your business fails. It’s not because of the market or your revenue… it’s because your body, your nervous system, isn’t where it should be. So let’s chat about the benefits of having strong nervous system health.

  • Efficient Communication: A strong nervous system ensures efficient communication between your body’s systems and organs. This communication is essential for the body to respond effectively to changes in your business.
  • Motor Control: Your nervous system allows you to move, react, and perform tasks with precision and coordination.
  • Cognitive Function: Your brain, which is part of your nervous system, is responsible for cognitive functions such as thinking, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making. 
  • Emotional Regulation: A well-balanced nervous system can help manage stress and anxiety, which come with the responsibility of business ownership.
  • Adaptation to Stress: A strong nervous system can improve your ability to adapt to stressors and cope with challenging situations. It helps regulate the body’s stress response and reduce the negative impacts of stress.

We’ve talked about how overall wellness plays a role in how your business operates, but your nervous system is on a different level. There are things you should do to have a regulated and strong nervous system:

The Best Exercise to regulate your nervous system

In addition to the tips above, Chelsea shares the best exercise to regulate your nervous system so it performs optimally. When she first heard it, she was skeptical and thought it was woo-woo. We can relate! Try it with an open mind and see how it goes for you 😊

Find your hand bones between your ring finger and pinky finger. On the soft spot between them, lightly tap with your other hand. It doesn’t matter which hand you use. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. How quickly you feel a shift depends on how intense things are at the moment.

If your thoughts are really spiraling, add an affirmation like, “I am safe.” Saying it out loud while you’re tapping and breathing can help reassure you. Typically, within 5 minutes you will feel a shift. You’ll feel more calm and neutral. It doesn’t mean you feel 100% better, but you’ll definitely feel calmer than you were when you started. We know it sounds crazy, but we’ve tried it, and it totally works for us! 

Your nervous system is incredibly important to your overall health and your business’s health. If you aren’t performing at your best, your business won’t either. You two go hand-in-hand! Next time you’re feeling anxious about something in your business, remember these tips to regulate your nervous system.

Meet Chelsea Quint

Chelsea is a fractional CEO for established entrepreneurs and a brand growth strategist for emerging entrepreneurs. With a diverse range of experience from working with Fortune 500 consumer product companies to helping brand new solopreneurs make their first four, five, and six figures in revenue, Chelsea is proud to show up as a partner, an ally, and a mentor to small business owners around the world. She offers digital education and mentorship for folks in the early stages of business, and full-service CEO or COO support for more established founders who need help growing their business to multiple six and seven figures without burnout. 

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The Importance of Nervous System Health as a Founder and Marketer

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