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Coming up with social media content ideas can be exhausting, especially if you are active across multiple platforms! Sometimes it feels like you need to be a fountain constantly pumping out fresh new content with ease. We are humans, not machines. It’s time to take all the pressure off and find easier, simpler, ways to find content and repurpose it across various platforms. Here are a few of our favorite places to gather fresh social media content ideas. So go ahead and steal these tricks to make content creation easier for your business.

1. Instagram

When looking for social media content ideas on Instagram, where better to go than the source itself. We are constantly saving content we love and we always put our own spin on it. It’s totally okay to get inspiration from other people on the ‘Gram, but never copy the content. Be sure to use it as inspiration and always make it your own. We follow people that are constantly inspiring us to think outside the box. Here are a few of our favorite accounts:

There are so many more accounts we love to follow and we continue to find new accounts every week. Some of our best business friends have been made right here on this platform — Hi Sara, Kleist & Kerrie! So be present and engage with purpose because you never know when inspiration or friendship will strike!

2. Books

One of our favorite ways to source new social media content ideas also comes in the most unexpected moments — when indulging in a new book. We source new ideas all the time from our favorite business books. We’re kind of book nerds and love learning new business, marketing and overall life tips from leaders in our industry! Here are a few of our favorites that we are constantly pulling inspiration from:

  • 4% Fix
  • High Five Habit
  • Million-Dollar Woman
  • Atomic Habits
  • Fear is my Homeboy

The social media ideas we often get from books are inspiration quotes, productivity tips, motivational hacks and even business strategies!

3. Podcasts

A morning drive or mid-day walk is often accompanied by some of our favorite podcasts. Our brains are clear and ready to absorb the content. We’re constantly soaking in the advice they share and uncovering our own social media ideas. Here are some of our favorite shows:

  • Duo On Airwe had to! ?
  • The Jasmine Star Show
  • Socialette
  • Ecommerce Marketing School by Privy
  • Being Boss with Emily Thompson
  • Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu
  • The BossBabe Podcast
  • Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield
  • The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast by our friend Kerrie Fitzgerald — take a listen to our SEO episodes here and here

Podcasts are great places to find social media ideas because they are relevant and timely. Books are chock-full of advice, but they can be outdated. Loyal podcasters usually update their podcast weekly, or multiple times a week. That means you’re getting the most up-to-date trends and advice out there!

4. Google Analytics

There is so much information you can dig into from your Google Analytics account — one of our favorite Google tools for business. You can quickly pop into your dashboard and see which of your pages are performing best. Be sure to take notice if there’s a theme to the content. Is there a particular topic performing really well with high traffic numbers and a long time on site? These are great indications of what types of content your audience is craving more of.

Our Fave Place To Gather Inspo…

5. Strategy Pillars

Social strategy pillars are a non-negotiable for every business owner who wants to grow on social media. These pillars are your content buckets that you can use over and over again to speak clearly to your audience and niche while showcasing your expertise. These are often times the first thing we turn to when we are craving fresh social media content ideas.

What are some examples? Our social strategy pillars are branding, SEO, Instagram strategy, organic growth, our personal lives, small business motivation, our community and business partnership tips. When we’re struggling to come up with content, we go back to these content buckets and see if there’s anything we can chat more about or expand on that will help attract more of our audience!

6. Pinterest + Keywords

Forewarning that this topic is loaded and could be it’s very own episode! Pinterest is one of those quick and easy places we go to do a little bit of keyword research. It’s how we know what our audience might be searching for right now! And if they’re searching for it, it probably means that’s what they’re interested in learning more about. Which is why it’s the perfect place to find social media content ideas! Even if you don’t use Pinterest for your business (however, you totally should!), you can still get content ideas here for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and more.

These are the six places we frequent to gather content ideas for social media.

We recommend having a notebook or Google doc to track ideas when they come to you. This way you are constantly gathering ideas rather than forcing yourself to feel creative in moments of need. This is one of our best ways to stay ahead.

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