How To Embrace Your Intuition To Guide Your Marketing Decisions with Lisa Sanchez


How To Embrace Your Intuition To Guide Your Marketing Decisions

Today, we are chatting with Lisa Sanchez of The Cocoon. As a struggling overachiever (we can relate!), she has some incredibly rich success stories from studying at Harvard to climbing the corporate ladder at some of the most prestigious tech companies. And, like so many of us can relate, she hit burnout. 

Now we’re not going to lie; we’re skeptics when it comes to anything related to spiritual awakening, manifestation, channeling, and the overall woo-woo industry. Some of this stuff intrigues the heck out of us, and we believe in the power of meditation, visualization, and some other mindset practices. So when we tell you this episode is not all about the woo-woo, believe us! Tapping into your intuition is absolutely not a far-fetched topic. It simply involves listening to yourself. Something we know we need to do much more. 

That is exactly why we brought Lisa on the podcast. So grab your headphones and cozy up because this one will make you want to spend time practicing being present afterward. We know we did!

What You’ll hear in this episode

  • Can you explain what intuition means in the context of business and marketing decision-making?
  • Can you share a personal experience of how you embrace your intuition? How has that led you to make big changes in your business?
  • Could you walk us through a practical exercise or technique we can use to connect with their intuition when faced with a business or marketing decision?
  • How should we build confidence in listening and trusting our intuition more?

Embracing Your Intuition

There are several ways to learn how to embrace your intuition! Lisa recommends experimenting to find what works for you. As a general rule of thumb, follow these tips to learn how to embrace your intuition:

  • Find something that gets you present and out of your head (meditation, being in nature, movement, creative activity, etc.).
  • Remove screens.
  • Converse with your intuition about a question or thought you’ve been pondering. You can start small with this!
  • Pay attention to your breath.

Embracing your intuition doesn’t have to be woo-woo! It can be as simple as taking 5 minutes out of your day to reconnect with yourself. With so much going on every day, it’s beneficial to take a few minutes to reflect. Start to trust your intuition in business and your personal life! You’ll feel more grounded and confident about the decisions you make.

About Lisa Sanchez from The Cocoon

I’m Lisa Sanchez, and I’m no stranger to burnout and overachievement. After studying at Harvard and working in design leadership at tech companies, I finally hit a wall. Overwork and people-pleasing had taken me a long way from my underprivileged origins, but I had compromised too much along the way. A process of healing and realigning with my values and intuition eventually brought me home to myself.

I’ve since spent hundreds of hours coaching creative leaders struggling with similar challenges. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned to help others find greater fulfillment and trust in themselves.

I’ve previously lived in San Francisco, Berlin, Boston, and Atlanta, and I’m now nestled in the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m a mama to a toddler and a rescue pup.

Visit her website.

Listen to her podcast.

How To Embrace Your Intuition To Guide Your Marketing Decisions with Lisa Sanchez

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