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When you think of marketing for your business, what comes to mind? You might be thinking of words like “salesy” or “paid ads”. Maybe even some cheesy Mad Men episode. What about consistency, trust and authenticity?  Because these are the things your marketing absolutely needs in order to work. These are the foundations of your organic marketing roadmap and strategy.

Did you know that when you…

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Sadly a lot of marketing gurus, agencies and experts might make you feel otherwise. With jargon-filled words that make you feel like you need to dish out thousands of dollars a month to an agency to manage your marketing. We hear all to often that business will “start marketing” when they have budget. But why not start today? Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to wait.

Building a strong organic marketing strategy is all about showing up for your audience consistently so you can build long-term trust and doing it in a way that is true to who you are. So that when it comes time for them to buy, they know without a doubt that you are the person that they need. 

Whether you have your organic roadmap outlined or you’ve never thought about it in this way before, here are the things you need to have a strong organic marketing strategy.

What you need to build an organic marketing roadmap

Choose Priority Platforms

You can’t do it all — Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, email, YouTube, podcast, Facebook, community memberships, blogging, backlink outreach, etc. — by yourself. This is your permission slip to not be on every platform. You need one, maybe two, platforms that are your priorities and the rest should either be outsourced or repurposed content.

Set Consistency Goals

How often are you going to show up on your priority platforms? Emailing your list once a week. Showing up on TikTok daily. Weekly podcast episodes or blog posts are great examples. Setting these goals will hold you accountable and help build brand trust faster.

Write Quarterly SMART Goals

You’ve likely heard about SMART goals before. You might even be rolling your eyes at us, but these goals are crucial to building a strong marketing roadmap. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

You should be doing this quarterly for your priority platforms. If your goal is to grow your email list by 1,000 subscribers in Q4, then you should have a plan to create a new freebie or share your email sign up link on stories each week. 

A goal such as “I will write one email a week” is just not good enough. Instead write down a goal like:

I will start an email newsletter that will be sent consistently on Tuesday of each week, where I will write engaging content and subject lines that achieve over industry standard performance rates for open and click rates.

Resource: Here is our favorite resource for finding out average email benchmarks by industry.

Tighten Up Your Brand Strategy

Your brand is so much more than just a logo. Does your brand look and sound the same across your website, social media platforms, email list, podcast, etc.? If the answer is “no” or “I am not sure”, then this needs to be fixed asap. Consistency doesn’t come with just showing up. It comes with easy recognition that your audience is seeing you across every instance. 

Audience Check Ins

Understanding your audience is one thing, but are you checking in consistently? A strategy could be all good on paper and completely flop in execution. This is where we recommend that you survey your audience. This will help tremendously as we go to the next step of building content pillars.

Build Content Pillars

Content pillars are what allow you to diversify your content and speak to your audience(s) across your priority platforms. They eliminate the constant questions of “what do I share on Instagram today” or “what should I write in my newsletter this week?” And they always ladder back up to your brand strategy.

Adjust Based on Your Performance

Do you have the right tools installed to measure your success? We are talking about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Google Business Profile and more. Just getting those installed isn’t enough. You should be consciously measuring your organic growth and reassessing your marketing strategy every quarter.

Those are the 7 keys to building an organic marketing roadmap

Solidifying these seven things can make all the difference in defining an organic strategy that leads to not just new customers and clients, but raving loyal fans who not only love you and buy from you, but want to share you with the world. That is where the exponential growth kicks in.

You can use these to DIY your own strategy or you can hire someone like us to help. In fact we are working on a year-long marketing mastermind for established multi-passionate entrepreneurs where you will hire us as you CMO to do just this. Build you a marketing strategy, help you set goals, deliver done for you content each month, measure your analytics, be your strategist and coach and so much more. Get on the waitlist here.

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How to DIY an Organic Marketing Roadmap

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