How Having a Strong Brand Can Help Your SEO


How Having a Strong Brand Can Help Your SEO

Have you ever wondered why we chose to pair branding and SEO as our core business services? Well other than the fact that we are obsessed with these two topics. 😉 Typically when you think of business service pairings, you may think of things like:

  • Graphic design and social media
  • Copywriting and web design
  • Content Strategy and SEO

So why search and design and how can having a strong brand help your SEO? We are unveiling the synergies between these two topics and how they can enhance your organic marketing strategy. And yes, this means both visually and from a strategy perspective. And no, we are not just talking about your logo. (It’s never just about the logo!)

How a Strong Brand Can Help with SEO 

Page experience (which is a ranking factor)

Page experience is a visually appealing layout that makes you want to continue scrolling. Even more importantly, you need an easy-to-navigate design. The more time people spend on your website is a great indicator of overall experience. Here are some ways you can do that!

  • Playful patterns that engage your readers with your brand as they scroll
  • Designed headlines and consistent typography
  • Brand icons— these can be especially important if they are used to uncomplicate your offerings. 

The longer people stay on the page, the better in the eyes of search engines. Time spent on the page makes search engines assume that the user is having a good experience. It’s then more likely to help boost your domain authority.

Having great brand images

This is extra important if you exist in a visual industry. Think about Google Images – those images appear there because of a thing called alt text. It’s used to describe an image on a website in case that image can’t be viewed or if someone is visually impaired and using a screen reader. Google indexes them and shows them in image search results. Taking the time to invest in your brand images is extremely important— even if you are a solopreneur.

A clear brand strategy

It’s our favorite when our SEO clients are uber clear on their brand strategy— things like mission, vision, personality, voice, etc. Why? Because this can help with keyword research. When you differentiate your keywords, you reach a clearer audience. It helps me help you stand out. I can then leverage your strategy to find long-tail keywords.

Brand Awareness on SERPs

The search engine result page (or SERP) is becoming more and more visual. Your brand name is now bigger than the URL. Your favicon logo is also much larger. This can lead to more clicks and that is a signal to search engines that your content is relevant and of high value, helping you rank higher in the future. Take a peek below at how impactful our little dancing girls emoji icon stands out when browsing this search page.  

Your brand strategy can help with securing backlink opportunities

There will be no question as to whether they should have you on your podcast or feature you on their blog because your website and brand are aligned (and beautiful 🙂). Having a solid brand both visually and in your voice across your website helps you appear more professional, making it even easier to secure partnerships and grow your authority with search engines. 

A good brand helps you become more recognizable. 

There is a reason why search engines are showcasing your brand with a bigger presence. It’s because it’s a huge factor in which result they are going to click on. If they already know and trust your brand, you better bet you will be their first click! 

We absolutely love parallel pathing this process of search and design. Building a brand that gets seen is so important and vice versa, an unstable brand that lacks strategy or design won’t get the long-term SEO results you wish for. And if you are ready to invest in both, you know where to find us.

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