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Black Owned Businesses and Brands

About a month ago, we wrote a blog post supporting five Black-owned small businesses right here in Minnesota. We talked about cookies, cocktails and luxurious purses. Plus, we included numerous ways to support these businesses with and without your wallet. Last month, we saw a number of posts pop up with massive lists pointing out local Black-owned businesses and brands to support across every category imaginable. We too wanted to use our voice to support our community, which is exactly why we started this series. Rather than pull together a massive list of businesses, we wanted to spend some time dedicating our little home on the internet to them.

So, here we go again! We pulled together five more Black-owned brands for you to support. Once again, we promise to include ways to support them with your time, money and heart.  

Here are the inspirational stories behind five Black-owned businesses in Minnesota

Pimento Kitchen

Pimento Kitchen Black-Owned Business

Our mouths are watering just thinking about this Jamaican jerk bowl of goodness. It all started back in 2009 when years of backyard BBQs combined with Kingston, Jamaica. Tomme Beevas and Yoni Reinharz used a pop up tent and a backyard grill to start Pimento Jamaican Kitchen and are we ever thankful that they did. From there they grew to a successful food truck, TCF stadium and Keg & Case Food Hall. 

We’ve been following Pimento Kitchen’s journey for a while because of their tasty menu, but as of lately we have been so inspired by their acts in our community. They are on a mission to create radical change and rebuild our community. During times of crisis these past few months between COVID and the unrest in Minneapolis, Pimento closed their doors, forgoing income, to focus on donations in support of the community. This definitely caught our attention and proves how good this brand is in every way.

Visiting Pimento’s website is the first place to start when finding ways to support them and our community. They do a fantastic job of updating their website and social pages to provide you with this information. Plus, you will definitely want to get your hands on this delicious food. Thankfully you can order takeout and delivery online! Enjoy! 

LoveJoys Bloody Mix 

LoveJoy Bloody Mix Black-Owned Business

The first time we tried one of these glorious drinks was at Brunson’s Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota. There is a reason why it’s exclusively on their menu along with many other local restaurants. (P.S. If you haven’t visited Brunson’s yet, you are missing out. Go and order anything with their pulled bacon, pronto!) The only thing better than LoveJoy’s Bloody Mix is the story behind the brand. 

This family-owned business, built by Charles Lovejoy, gives a percentage of all sales to organizations dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness. Right now, they are currently donating to Face to Face, a local nonprofit that assists over 3,000 at-risk and homeless youth each year. Knowing you are supporting a brand with this much heart makes the mix that much more delicious. A few other fun facts about the product – it’s vegan and gluten free, handmade in small batches right here in St. Paul, Minnesota and made with some especially unique ingredients like shiitake mushrooms.

Other than requesting a keg full of this delicious goodness, here are a few ways you can support Charles and his brand:

  • Get your hands on this mix and hot sauce at any of these locations in the Twin Cities. 
  • Follow, like and tag them on social media. Engagement is key and free!
  • Word of mouth… Once you’ve tried one of these bloodies it won’t be hard to tell your friends all about them.
  • Help them on their mission by seeing how you can work with nonprofits like Face to Face to help eliminate homelessness in our community. 

Queen Anna House of Fashion

Queen Anna House of Fashion Black-Owned Brand

Supporting our community and driving awareness of Black-owned businesses and brands is extremely important to us. But we also want to support businesses that value diversity in women beyond just ethnicity, but for all shapes and sizes. Queen Anna House of Fashion is a brand that does just that.

Inspired by her Great Grandmother, Nicole built a contemporary modern women’s boutique that truly is a house of fashion. This brand is dedicated to featuring intense fabrics, timeless designs and high-quality pieces that will become forever staples in your closet. We are already saving our pennies for some of these classic jumpsuits! ? One thing that makes this brand unique is that they genuinely care about you. They don’t just want to sell fashion, but instead want to understand you and your needs. They want to create the best shopping experience; one that you remember every time you wear that gorgeous outfit. 

What started as an outlet for her passion, turned into a booming business with philanthropy at the heart of it. In honor of Breonna Taylor, Queen Anna House of Fashion is donating a portion of all purchases to the Loveland Foundation. This is an organization that aims to prioritize access, opportunity and validation for young Black women and girls across the country.

Looking for additional ways to support this chic brand?

  • Simply start by shopping the latest collection. Find that piece that speaks to you. Better yet, chat with one of their employees to help you find the perfect statement piece for your next event. 
  • Once again, digital engagement is such a simple way to show your support. Follow their newsletter and various social media channels.
  • Check out their Black Lives Matter Instagram Highlight for more ways to help in our community whether it be with your time, money or hands. Lists of resources like movies and books are also included. 

The Lash Haus

The Lash Haus Black-Owned Brand

Meet Mayowa Ojo, a master lash artist, educator, and mompreneur. She is the founder of The Lash Haus and Lash Boss Academy. Her story is inspiring, because she did what all of us entrepreneurs are hustling for… she built a successful business from the ground up. Not only has she mastered the art of lash extension, but she now runs a training program for other aspiring lash technicians. This is what we love about her story; building a business for herself wasn’t enough. She knew she wanted to share her story and help others achieve their dreams. 

Check out this link for ways to support Mayowa and The Lash Haus. Here you can do everything from booking your next appointment, purchasing a gift certificate, following various social accounts and so much more. We cannot wait to watch this business continue to grow and thrive within our community!

New Rules Workspace

New Rules Black-Owned Brand

Are you ever looking for a space to work and channel your creative energy? Chris Webley sought to solve that problem. He has dedicated his efforts to lift up North Minneapolis’ creative and entrepreneurial communities by launching New Rules Workspace. 

This is a space designed for entrepreneurs, creative freelancers and startups. They offer flexible membership options that allow the community to grow and thrive through their business. In times like these, this business couldn’t be more perfect. Through this membership, there are so many more perks than just access to the workspace. You’ll also have an arsenal of tools like a full photography studio, A/V and creative equipment, computers, design software, a social marketplace and so much more. It truly is designed to help your business thrive. 

There are so many different ways you can help support New Rules:

  • Schedule a tour or meet with Chris to learn more about the space and how it can work for your business especially during these uncertain times. 
  • Already know this space would be perfect for you? Request a membership and kick things off!

Once again, we are so incredibly inspired by these Black-owned businesses and brands right here in the Twin Cities. 

We hope you are inspired too. Our goal with this content is that you uncover new businesses, services and products within our community to support. Next time you think about needing a workspace, lash extensions, a new outfit for a special occasion, a delicious bowl of food or a beverage, we hope you think of these businesses. 

We have five more Black-owned businesses to share in the upcoming weeks and would love to continue this series supporting our community. If you know of a business in our community that is a champion for diversity and driving change, please share them with us so we can help spread the word. 

Looking for more content? Don’t forget to check out our post on our top ten small business marketing tips.

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