5 Easy Reel Ideas Where You Don’t Have To Show Your Face


5 easy reel ideas duo on air podcast

Instagram Reels are one of the two types of Instagram content you need in your strategy plan. We know it can be uncomfortable to be on camera, showing your face, hearing the sound of your own voice (cringe). Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Let’s chat about five easy reel ideas for your business where you don’t have to show your face. That’s right, no faces involved! We even have some free templates for you to steal that will make it even simpler for you to execute! Once you start getting more comfortable in the tool, there is no telling where you may go. You might even be ready to show your pretty face!

Easy Reel Idea #1: Share An Inspirational Quote

Here’s an Example | Cinco de Mayo Inspirational Quote

This is one of the simplest reels you can create and you can do it all inside Canva. All you need is a quote, a video and Canva. The goal with videos like this is to encourage video replays. You can do this with a trendy audio that people want to re-listen to. You can also do this by making the text populate as you watch, keeping your audience engaged longer. Finally, keep it short. Between 7-9 seconds which will make it easy for your audience to watch it again. More views equals more engagement equals better reach.

Download Our Custom Reel Template HERE and give it a try!

Easy Reel Idea #2: Show Your Work

Here’s an Example | Showcase of Duo Branding Projects

This is an easy reel idea to highlight a specific project, a client feature, your products or to show transformations. Rather than using videos, you’ll clip together photos. The secret to performance with this post is to make the transitions fast. Again, this encourages rewatches.

Download Our Custom Reel Template HERE and give it a try!

Easy Reel Idea #3: Behind The Scenes

Here’s an Example | Behind The Scenes of a Duo Reels Day

People buy from people. This is your opportunity to show your audience who you are behind the business. You can certainly show small clips of your pretty self if you choose, but you don’t have to. Show clips of your workday from coffeeshop visits to mid-day podcast walks and evening self care routines. Unlike the previous example with still images, this one should be small 1-3 second video clips. Continue to keep this short with trending audio overlay for best performance.

Simply upload your videos directly to Instagram Reels and clip them together. Then use this cover below to keep your Instagram feed aesthetically beautiful.

Download A Custom Reel Cover HERE and give it a try! You can use this template as the first few seconds of your reel or download as a png to use as your cover photo.

Easy Reel Idea #4: Share Tips 

Here’s an Example | Molly Balint Sharing Instagram Newsfeed Updates

Record a voice-over walking your audience through expert tips from your industry. If you are a product business owner, you could showcase your products and speak to various product benefits. The big secret to success with this easy reel idea is original audio. Rather than always using trending audio clips, start creating your own. Adam Mosseri said it himself that originality is key to ranking better on Instagram. So give it a try!

Download Our Custom Reel Template HERE and give it a try!

Easy Reel Idea #5: How-To Tutorials

Here’s an Example | New Instagram Polls Feature

Here’s an Example | Google Launches Continuous Scroll on Mobile

Tutorials are an audience favorite. They are great save-worthy content pieces for complex topics. Is there a topic your audience is always confused about in your industry? Or maybe there is a simple FAQ that’s better explained visually? If so, give this easy reel idea a try. Very similar to the last example, except you don’t need to have a voice over. You can write short text bubbles (5 words or less) over the video and have them animate in. Peek at those examples above for guidance.

Download A Custom Reel Cover HERE and give it a try! You can use this template as the first few seconds of your reel or download as a png to use as your cover photo.

Give These Reel Ideas A Try Today!

Yes, it’s true, Instagram has changed. Video isn’t going away and it’s a trend we must hop on as business owners if we want to continue to drive new business through Instagram. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be in the spotlight! So go ahead and try a few of these ideas and see how it goes. It’s an easy way to please the algorithm while dipping your toes into reels. Then when you’re comfortable, try posting a video with you as the main feature. We know it can be scary, but stepping outside of your comfort zone is what being an entrepreneur is all about!

Go ahead and use, or better yet, copy our reels on Instagram! Be sure to tag us so we can cheer you on!

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5 easy reel ideas where you don't have to show your face duo on air podcast

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