What It’s Like to Outsource Your SEO: A First-Hand Client Experience with DWD Travel


What It’s Like to Outsource Your SEO

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to outsource your SEO with us? You’re about to get a first-hand review! Today a former client of ours, Dana, is joining us! Dana is the founder of DWD Travel, and she is living the dream helping her clients plan dream destinations around the globe whether it be a romantic getaway or destination wedding. 

We worked with Dana last year on an SEO website audit, and it was actually her idea to come on and share her experience, and we freakin’ love her for it. Not to mention, she got to record this episode in Costa Rica while she stayed inside an airplane-converted hotel room, and actually, monkeys started stealing her clothes while we were recording! 🤣 Honestly, this episode is too good. Let’s get into it!

What you can expect to hear in this episode

  • What made you decide to outsource your SEO needs to an expert rather than handling it internally?
  • What were your expectations (or maybe myths you believed to be true) of what SEO could do for you before us working together?
  • What are some advantages to outsourcing certain parts of your business to experts? What else have you outsourced?
  • Could you share a success story or memorable experience where outsourcing played a significant role in elevating your business or your client’s experience?
  • Have there been any lessons or insights you’ve gained through your experience as a client that you would like to share with our audience?

DWD Travel’s SEO Results

It was so amazing working with Dana, and we’re happy she saw some big changes in her SEO! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Increased keywords indexed
  • Increase traffic from search engines
  • Slight increase in backlinks

One of the neat things about her SEO results story is a few months after we worked together, she switched domains. This is a huge SEO fear for a lot of people, but even after this shift, her top driving keyword was “destination wedding planning” where she sits at position 22 now. On her old domain (which had higher authority), she didn’t even rank for that keyword, and a similar keyword of “destination wedding travel agency near me” was on page 8. 

It’s amazing what an SEO strategy can do for a business! We’ve worked with so many different industries… to name a few: 

  • Travel (obvi)
  • Wedding
  • Food and beverage
  • Online retailer
  • Health and beauty
  • Pregnancy and kids

And we can confidently say that SEO works for every website! If you’re ready to see some SEO and traffic results like Dana, explore our SEO services!

About Dana

Dana Lewis is a wife, twin mom, and travel extraordinaire. She owns DWD Travel & Destination Weddings, an expert travel design company specializing in all-inclusive resort destination weddings and worldwide honeymoons. In short, Dana & DWD love “love.” And gets true joy and satisfaction helping couples step into their next phase of life with ease, laughter, and an ice-cold mai tai in hand. When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, traveling with her family, and crafting.

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