The Two Types Of Instagram Content You Need For Your Business


The Two Types Of Instagram Content You Need For Your Business

Do I have to use Reels for my business? If Reels perform best, should I even be posting static content anymore? What on earth should I be doing on Instagram to grow my small business in 2022? On this episode of The Duo On Air Marketing Podcast, we are diving into some of the biggest Instagram questions. Plus we are sharing our top two, non-negotiable types of content you need to have as a part of your Instagram strategy this year. 

Sneak Peek

Here’s your sneak peek at what’s inside!

1. Instagram Reels

Whether you are embracing this shift or not, the reality is that video content is where the app is moving. Chances are, if you haven’t been incorporating some Reels into your content strategy, you are probably seeing a decline in your overall reach. 

If you’ve posted a few Reels, but aren’t yet convinced, pop into your analytics. Specifically look at your reach amongst followers and non-followers. You will likely notice that your Reels are reaching the majority of non-followers while your static posts are the exact opposite. 

Therefore, if you are ready to grow your following on Instagram in 2022, Reels must be a part of your strategy. What’s the catch? More followers doesn’t mean more sales. You need to find the right followers, which means you have to make each trending Reel fit into your business’ social media strategy

If you are struggling with where and how to begin, we highly recommend batching your Instagram Reels. We like to call it a Reels Days! One full day dedicated to creating a month’s worth of content. The magic of this day is in the efficiency it creates once you get into the swing of things. Not to mention how fun it becomes — after all, social media is meant to be a fun space to connect. We even started creating Reels Day Prep Packages for our clients — reach out if you want to hear more about it!

2. High-Value Posts

So, if Reels are the best way to grow, why should I even post static content? Because you need — no you must — serve your current and engaged followers with rich content. These are your hot leads. Your followers are generally those more likely to become paying clients and customers. 

This is your opportunity to share your expertise through valuable and educational content and serve-serve-sell. We always recommend you serve twice as much as you sell. This is how you earn your audience’s trust.

“Hey Duo, if I share all my secrets or too valuable of content why would anyone hire me?” 

That is a great question and one we get asked often! Let’s just pause and think about our ideal client for a second. Chances are they don’t want to do it themselves anyway. They just want to know that you know what you are doing. They need to hear and see proof that you are the expert you claim to be. Sure, every once in a while you will get someone who steals your ideas, but these are the outliers. You don’t need to share all of your secrets, but even if you did, we have a feeling it would do more good than harm. 

What’s The Trick?

So what’s the trick to conquering Instagram in 2022? 

Use Instagram Reels to bring in more people and high-value posts to hook ‘em! It’s as simple as that!

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The Two Types Of Instagram Content You Need For Your Business

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