7 Signs That You Are A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


7 Signs That You Are A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Duo On Air Podcast Episode 28

Last month we polled our Instagram audience asking how many people felt like they were a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Almost 70% of our audience said absolutely. Leaving 13% thinking maybe and 19% wondering what the heck a multi-passionate entrepreneur even is.

If you are reading or listening to this episode, you likely fall into this curiosity bucket. Or maybe you are certain and you just want to read these signs while nodding your head along. Go ahead and dive into this episode to hear more about how we are multi-passionate entrepreneurs ourselves. Better yet, how this can help your business soar to new heights.

7 signs you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur

  1. Your talents and skills don’t seem to fall into one bucket.
  2. You’ve tried all the niching down you possibly can by trying to choose one “offering” or one audience, yet it seems impossible.
  3. When you choose to narrow down, you feel bored and uninspired.
  4. You have switched majors or career paths a lot in the past.
  5. You never fit into the traditional 9-5 career path.  
  6. Exploring new ideas and avenues for your business lights your fire rather than causing immediate hives. 
  7. You naturally seem to bring ideas together that might be completely unrelated to each other. 

If you listened to this episode nodding along, know that if you’ve ever felt alone or frustrated, you are most definitely not alone. The truth is, you can thrive here in this multi-passionate space. This world of entrepreneurship needs authentic business owners who can pivot and adapt to whatever the world throws our way. Your unique ideas and business models are needed now more than ever.

How can I grow my multi-passionate business?

You might be wondering, now what? How can I lean into my multi-passionate business? How can I use it to help my business grow organically? Well, we are working on a little something just for our multi-passionate entrepreneurs, to help you thrive and take your business to the next level.

We are building a program for women who are ready to finally see tangible results and a marketing strategy that is customized to work for you and your multi-passionate business. This will be a year-long program to help multi-passionate entrepreneurs get visible organically online. You’ll get access to both sides of the brain and a two-for-one CMO for your business for the entire 2023 calendar year. Bringing your brand’s visual aesthetics, strategy and analytics together alongside done-for-you services to allow you to outsource your brand and marketing efforts to the experts.

If this sounds like something you need, then go ahead and add your name here so we can connect with you personally.

We have so much more to share about this program and we can’t wait! Stay tuned friends!

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7 Signs That You Are A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

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