Selling Techniques That Build Confidence With Gabrielle Laura Coaching


Selling Techniques With Gabrielle Laura Coaching

In episode 14 of the Duo On Air Marketing Podcast we invite Gabrielle Laura to teach us everything she knows about selling. Gabrielle is a niche expert and sales coach who teaches her students how to hone in on their unique and authentic sales voice. She doesn’t just teach tried and true sales strategies, but how authentic selling can work for you. Our minds were blown away with tangible strategies she shares and we plan to incorporate these right into our own business. So grab your notebook, because you are going to want to take note of these expert selling techniques!

How To Sell In A Way That Feels Good

Sounds like a dream right!? Selling with ease and confidence. Booking new clients and crushing your monthly goals. Yet sometimes selling can be the hardest and most awkward thing we do as business owners. Regardless of what type of service or offering you have, when you own your own business, you must become an expert sales strategist. It’s one of the many hats we have to wear as entrepreneurs. If you want to make money that is!

This is exactly why we invited Gabrielle on the podcast. To dig into the reasons why we all seem to struggling with selling our offerings with confidence. And of course, learn some techniques we can implement immediately into our businesses. So let’s get to it.

Selling Techniques & More… What Can You Expect To Learn?

  • Why is selling so hard for entrepreneurs and small business owners, even when we are so passionate about our offerings?
  • What are some ugly selling tactics that should be avoided at all costs?
  • Give us a sneak peek inside your coaching program? What is one of the first things you do with your students?
  • Tell us more about how we each have a unique and authentic sales voice. How do we find it?
  • How can we make closing the sale less intimidating?
  • What are a couple selling techniques we can do right now to increase our confidence and start making more sales!?

The Selling Resources… aka your Homework!

Take the Quiz: Find Your Aligned Sales Strategy

Finding Your Niche Masterclass — it’s absolutely free!

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Duo On Air How To Sell In A Way That Feels Good with Gabrielle Laura Coaching

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  1. Life Puzzle says:

    Nice content and podcast that business owners can follow through it.

    • Abbey Oslin says:

      Thank you so much! We absolutely love hearing that! If there is anything you are dying to know more about, let us know. We love sourcing content from our audience!

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