How to Make Financially Responsible Decisions for Your Business


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Does the thought of looking at numbers all day make your head spin? Finance doesn’t always come easy to creative entrepreneurs (we know the feeling!), but it’s Madison Dearly’s bread and butter. She makes finances easy to understand to help you make financially responsible decisions for your business and even makes numbers fun! It felt only natural to build on last week’s episode with this one! Madison is our bookkeeper, and we wanted to introduce her to you because she has made such a big impact on our business for the last two years. 

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping comes down to creating a picture of what happened in your business in the last month, quarter, and year. She helps track money that came into the business, money that went out for expenses, and what’s leftover for you to work with. If you don’t look at that picture and know those numbers, it’s much harder to make big business decisions without feeling confident in where you stand financially. We know firsthand! Madison has helped us feel organized and confident in our finances so we know where we can invest, increase our salaries, or save for bigger purchases down the road. 

What You Can Expect to Hear in This Episode

  • What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant? 
  • What types of reports do you run? What ones might be standard compared to some that might be a little more unique?
  • Tax season is coming up… Is there anything unique you do for this time period?
  • How do you know when you are ready to hire a bookkeeper? If someone is not ready yet, what tips do you have to DIY in the meantime?
  • What’s your favorite accounting software and any other resources you use?
  • What are the sneakiest problems you see when it comes to being more profitable? What tips do you have to have more profitable books?

Removing the Stigma from Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping isn’t the sexiest thing to spend money on, and some people are hesitant to do so. It feels like something you have to do instead of something you want to do. For our business, it’s such a worthwhile investment. Not only did it give us our time back, but it also gave us guidance to make financially responsible decisions in the future. Madison became a resource to help us understand how to grow and be profitable. It’s an expense we will never cut for our business.

If you talk to anyone who has a bookkeeper, they will tell you they wish they would’ve hired a bookkeeper much sooner than they did. It gives you a level of clarity that you don’t get if you aren’t looking at reliable, accurate data on a regular basis. 

If you’ve decided you need a bookkeeper after listening to this episode, reach out to Madison! We couldn’t speak more highly of our experience with her. We know she’ll help you get organized in your business, too!

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How to Make Financially Responsible Decisions for Your Business

Meet Madison Dearly

Madison Dearly is a bookkeeping team serving brand and website designers and female business owners in the online space with friendly, hands-on financial tracking and analysis. With a ton of experience in small business accounting, Madison Dearly understands how confidence in your business’s financial health fuels the growth you deserve. (And it also supports the lifestyle you work so hard to afford!) In short, these gals are not your dad’s stodgy bookkeeper, okay?

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