Is Your Self-Sabotaging Holding You Back?


Are you self-sabotoging in your business? Duo On Air Marketing Podcast

In this episode of Duo On Air, we are chatting about one of Abbey’s favorite books. More specifically, we are digging into why and how we tend to self-sabotage when it comes to our own businesses. Chances are, you are doing it without even realizing it!

You might be wondering what book we are speaking of. It’s Go Big Now by Julia Pimsleur. She wrote another book called Million Dollar Women which is also incredible. We highly recommend them both. She is a powerhouse coach who knows how to grow and scale a business — because she has done it. She also knows the importance of mindset and how it can help you push boundaries. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses to seven figures and beyond.

In this book, she breaks down eight essential mindset practices to overcome any obstacle and reach your goals. These eight mindset tools aren’t easy. It takes lots of practice to not only start to understand them, but actually use them in your every day life, naturally.  Abbey finished this book months ago and already wants to re-read it!

When reading this book, this one small part caught Abbey’s eye right away. It is when Julia talks about how sometimes we set these big goals and we start to take action. Then seemingly all of a sudden, things go wrong. It seems to be an external factor unrelated to your goal, but really it might just be forms of self-sabotage. 

Self-Sabotage Examples & Warning Signs

  • Repeatedly getting sick for no reason
  • Feeling sad or down even though you are killing it
  • You procrastinate or prioritize the wrong things
  • Not doing something that would be great because you think that might lead to “too much joy”. Thinking surely something bad has got to happen if this many good things are happening to me right now. 
  • Acting like a martyr instead of taking care of your needs

Wow, did those examples hit close to home for us! We all have something called “baseline happiness” yet we are searching for this massively high peak. And we unfortunately assume we get to stay at the top. These words might sound familiar… “When I win the lottery / start making millions / when I get an appearance on the today show… then I’ve made it.” Yet even after that initial high, we all come back to that baseline. 

Have you ever considered that when you attain higher levels of success you often create personal drama that prevent you from simply just enjoying the moment? Read that again. Because, if you are like us, you probably know this feeling all too well.

So what can we do to stop self-sabotaging our businesses that we love so much?

  1. Recognize that you are self sabotaging. Pause and consider it.
  2. Make a conscious choice to ignore the message and then keep pushing forward. 
  3. Talk about these issues with someone you trust like a friend, therapist or coach.
  4. Ask for help to break through this problem. 

If you are curious about these mindset tools, grab that book, because it is a great one! And if you liked today’s episode on The Duo On Air Marketing Podcast, don’t forget to leave us a review & subscribe!

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Duo On Air Podcast Self Sabotaging

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