38 Instagram Reels Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


Instagram Reels Ideas from the Duo Collective Blog

38 Instagram Reel Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Business OwnersIf you are starting your video journey on Instagram, you’ve likely searched for a list of Instagram Reels ideas on our friend, Google. Well, search no more, because we have just the thing for you! First, if you missed our previous blog post, how to batch Instagram Reel content, pause for a moment and pop over there to check it out. We are sharing all our secrets to batching a month of content in a single day. If you are looking for hacks to work smarter, not harder, then this is definitely a winner!

Now let’s dive in. Who’s ready for the ultimate list of Instagram Reels ideas to kick start your brainstorming process for the next Reel day? 

Quick word of caution

Without a strong social media strategy in place you are likely leaving money, and organic growth, on the table. You wont receive the reach, engagement and results you are looking for. You first need to understand who your audience is, what types of content they find valuable and how to speak to them in their language. If you are struggling with this, reach out to hear more about our social media strategy packages. 

Instagram Reels Category Ideas

Before diving right into specific posts, we urge you to write out overarching categories that align with your social strategy pillars. The important thing to remember here is that when you are searching for Instagram Reels ideas you are searching for content that hits every category. You’ll find that some categories come easier, while others are a bit more challenging to create unique content for. This will ensure that your strategy is fully rounded and speaks to individuals within your niche while also driving growth for your business. 

Here are a few category examples:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Education around your topics of expertise
  • Portfolio and client work for service based businesses
  • Product launches and individual features for product based businesses
  • ‘Just for fun’ to showcase your personal and business personalities
  • Motivation, quotes and pick me ups that speak to your niche
  • Sales content, announcements, partnerships and more


A Collection of Instagram Reels Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Go ahead and steal our audio and music in the links below. If you don’t know how to do that, check out this Reel! We also encourage you to steal our ideas, but make sure to add your own spin to them. Whether it be your unique perspective and personality coming through the actual video content or the post copy itself. That part is extra important. Trends are great, but the real greatness happens when you click with your audience in an authentic way.  

So let’s dive into the ideas including some examples of our own below!

Instagram Reels Category: behind the scenes

  1. A day in the office
  2. How to log off for the weekend as entrepreneurs
  3. Brand photoshoot fun
  4. Every entrepreneur’s dilemma 
  5. How we started our biz
  6. Get to know us
  7. Oops we did it again
  8. Individual introductions
  9. 1-2 seconds of each hour of your work day
  10. Community / employee spotlights


Instagram Reels Category: Education

Lots of these examples below are of our own social expertise. We still encourage you to browse how we delivered these tips so that you can ideate similar transitions, songs and ways to present your own tips in a fun, unique and engaging way. 

  1. How to batch Instagram Reels
  2. How to add trending music to your Reels
  3. SEO update: page experience
  4. Self care tips
  5. How to consume social media content
  6. How to get started with video on social media 
  7. What to wear to a brand photoshoot
  8. 8 ways to use video on Instagram
  9. Should you buy Instagram followers?
  10. Social media strategy must haves
  11. Canva hacks: color edition
  12. Canva hacks: how to add photos to screens
  13. SEO blog post prep
  14. Answer frequently asked questions


Instagram Reels Category: client and product features

  1. A peek at our branding projects
  2. Our social mini brand pairing package 
  3. Client branding project sneak peek
  4. Before and after features
  5. Work in progress
  6. Partnerships tagging your fellow collaborators
  7. Testimonials
  8. Product tutorials


Hot Tip: Did you know that some of these Reels were created entirely with Canva? If you are nervous about building video within Instagram, start here to dip your toes in! We love to build these templates for our clients as an easy, on brand way to present their content.


Instagram Reels Category: just for fun

  1. How to celebrate small business wins
  2. Motivation for small business owners
  3. The fun jumping Reel trend everyone loves
  4. Dancing reel trend
  5. How we feel about coffee
  6. Bloopers


Tip: here’s how to find trending Reels on Instagram

The trick is in the audio. In order to see what types of Reels are trending you need to look at the audio in the lower left hand corner of your Reels. Start by popping into your Reels tab on the bottom of your screen. Then look at the audio on each reel. If you see a little up arrow, that is a sign that this audio is trending. See what we mean in the image below! And once you find that trending audio you love, save it so you are prepped for your next Reel day.

How to find trending Reels on Instagram


There you have it! 38 Instagram Reels ideas for you to dive into next time you go to batch your Reels. We will continue to update and add to this list to keep your strategies fresh and inspired. 

Not ready to stop reading? Check out this post about our number one secret to content creation and don’t forget to reach out to us when you are ready to build a killer social media strategy for your brand. 

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