Top Secret: How To Write Copy That Actually Converts


How To Write Copy That Converts Duo On Air Podcast Between The Lines Copywriting

In episode number 12 of the Duo On Air Podcast we are bringing on our very first guest, Sara from Between The Lines Copywriting. We brought her on to better understand why writing our own copy for our business totally sucks. Because once we, and you, understood the simple reasons why it’s so dang hard, we could start to lean into strategies to make writing our own website, blog and email copy even easier. Sounds magical right!?

You might be wondering why an expert copywriter is teaching you her secrets so you can DIY your own website copy. Seems too good to be true, yet it is! So, for those of you looking for tips to write your own website copy, Sara has just the course for you. Don’t worry we will dig into all those details below.

What Secrets To Expect — How To Write Copy That Converts

So what can you expect us to dig into in this episode of Duo On Air? Here are just a few of the questions we asked Sara. Trust us, her answers are worth listening to!

  • What is the biggest reason someone turns to you for website copy? What are they struggling with?
  • Why is writing about ourselves and our own small businesses so hard?
  • What are some easy tips and ways we can make it all just a little bit easier?
  • Where do you think copy is the most important? Say for example I needed to prioritize my time across a variety of things like website, email, creating freebies and lead magnets, etc. — where should I spend the bulk of my energy?
  • Tell us how we can see real tangible results in our time spent crafting copy? And on that note, how should we imagine success for a well-written piece of content?
  • Give us some action steps… what can we do today to better align our copywriting with this vision and the tips you’ve shared?

Introducing Between The Lines Copywriting

Sara is a website launch copywriter and educator. We have personally worked with Sara on our own copywriting for our business from website to email welcome sequence and sale page copy. We can vouch that she knows what she is doing. She has also been a student of ours inside our SEO Group Coaching Program, making her not only a killer copywriter but also an amazing SEO strategist. From start to finish website projects, to VIP days and courses she is a go to copywriting resource for so many.

Site Series — A Dreamy DIY Website Copywriting Course

We wanted to take a moment to introduce a brand new course in which the cart opens this week! Site Series is a self-paced, comprehensive website copywriting course that’ll not only teach you how to write website copy that people will actually want to read—but also how to get your ideal clients and customers TO your site using free, easy content marketing strategies.

Plus, you’ll find yours truly, Duo Collective, inside teaching you all about how to find the perfect SEO keyword. We also share our bonus library of Google tools set ups and Ubersuggest (our favorite keyword research tool) walkthroughs so we can be right there with you in your earbuds as you build the website of your dreams.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the course before the doors close Know that if you choose to purchase through this link we will get a commission. Saying we highly recommend Sara and her expertise would be an understatement… this course is a guaranteed goldmine! So please let us know if you jump inside!

Top Secret: How To Write Copy That Actually Converts

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