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In May of 2022, we had the incredible opportunity to speak at The Ultimate Product Party on one of our favorite topics: search engine optimization, also known as SEO. We’ve done a few small speaking engagements here and there. Some virtual and others in-person, but this was the first large scale event we were invited to speak at. To say we were excited would have been an understatement! We were thrilled and we went all out, obviously! 

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of the event from the amazing Cristy Cross Photography:

Now, we would’nt consider ourselves “speaking experts’”. Far from it, but we have had a few opportunities to speak and are looking forward to adding more to our arsenal in the future. Chances are, if you are listening to this episode, you might be thinking of securing your first speaking gig soon. Or maybe curiosity got the best of you.

If for any reason, you are listening to this and thinking, speaking isn’t for me. Please just try and change your thought process for a second. Here are three reasons why you should seek out new speaking opportunities for your business to help gain authority and visibility.

3 Reasons To Seek Out Speaking Opportunities

  1. You are worthy and an expert, even if you think you aren’t. 
  2. Speaking opens the door to new people, new opportunities and new connections. 
  3. If something makes you feel scared, but a little excited, it’s likely the right thing to do. You can’t grow in your comfort zone friend!

Take a listen to this episode to hear about how we’ve secured our own speaking gigs. You will also hear our tips on how you can too. Here are just a few things you’ll hear us talk about.

How To Secure Your First Speaking Gig:

  • Start talking more on your own platforms and others.
  • Apply to be a guest on podcasts where you may share an audience.
  • Offer to speak to a private facebook group you are inside (or even those you are not in!).
  • Offer up your expertise and ask if anyone would like to have you be an expert for their community. 
  • Connect with platforms and resources you use (Canva, Tailwind, Showit, TryInteract Quiz, etc.) Many of these companies have platforms and love to connect with their users.
  • Just start applying! The more often you show up, the more comfortable you will be. 

If this episode has you feeling nervous and excited, then set a goal for yourself today. Publish a facebook post offering up 30 mins of your time or find a speaking engagement you want to apply for. Do something to take that first step towards securing your first speaking gig! 

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How To Secure Your First Speaking Gig

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