How to Find A Business Partner As A Solopreneur


How to Find the Best Business Partner with Isobel & Samara

Have you thought about finding a business partner? We love connecting with other “Duos”— whether they started as partners, or found one along the way. But have you ever considered that you can have a partnership while still running your own business? Take our guests, Isobel and Samara, for example. These two ladies run completely separate businesses yet collaborate together on client projects! They combine strategy, design, and copy to create swoon-worthy websites that work for their clients. Copy and design; a beautiful partnership!

We were so lucky to meet Isobel inside our SEO Group Coaching Program, and we continue to work together inside our ongoing membership. So it was a no-brainer when she asked to be on the pod and chat about just this— how to find a business partner. 

We were most excited to talk about their partnership. Everything from how they found each other to how they built their processes and what the expectations are when a client comes in. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur dreaming of one day finding a business partner or already in a partnership and want to see how the experience comes to life for someone else, you are definitely going to want to tune in to hear the deets.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • What do you do, and who do you help?
  • How did you two meet, and how did your partnership come to life?
  • How did you approach your first project together? 
  • What are your partnership non-negotiables?
  • Did you have to put any legal parameters into place to start working together?
  • How has this partnership benefited each of you?

Business Partnership Advice from Isobel and Samara

In the world of solopreneurship, it’s so amazing to have a business partner to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. Like anything, it can come with conflict. To keep the peace, Samara’s best advice is to know your working style, energy, communication, and personality. These all play a role in how well you work with someone. Have these conversations at the start, and be honest! It helps everyone feel comfortable and establish trust with each other.

If you’re looking for a business partner, think about who you’ve worked with already! The people you talk to and get along with could end up being an unlikely partnership you hadn’t thought of!

Meet Isobel and Samara

As a designer and mentor, Samara Bortz helps heart-led entrepreneurs transform their creative passions into thriving businesses. Isobel Griffin is a copywriter for adventurous service providers who crave website copy that sounds like them and gets eyes on their biz. Together, they combine strategy, design, and copy to create swoon-worthy websites that work for their clients. 

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How to Find A Business Partner As A Solopreneur

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