How To Build An Interactive Quiz As A Lead Magnet For Your Business 


How To Build An Interactive Quiz As A Lead Magnet For Your Business

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Before we dig into the amazing reasons why you need to implement an interactive quiz into your business (today!), we have so much juicy content for you to browse through. A podcast episode, a YouTube tutorial video and this full-to-the-brim blog post. No matter what way you like to learn, we have something for you! If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend jumping into the Duo On Air Podcast episode!

We met with Jackie at Interact Quiz Builder to chat all things quizzes. She’s helped build hundreds of interactive quizzes across every industry and platform. Jackie knows exactly how to help you implement a quiz into your business. Better yet, why you need one and how it can impact your growth. So go ahead and dig in, then go peek a the rest of this amazing content below — including a video how-to!

Duo On Air: How You Can Use An Interactive Quiz To Grow Your Business

If you are here, listening to this episode or reading through this post, you are likely tired of spending your limited time and effort creating compelling lead magnets? Or maybe you are looking to change the magnet you have now into something more engaging? Why? Because we all know and understand the importance of growing our email list, right!? But why does it have to be so complicated and slow?

The good news, it doesn’t have to be. In fact an interactive quiz might just be the easiest lead magnet you’ve ever built. One of the amazing reasons why we love working with Interact is because the platform helps to easily engage your audience, identify their pain points, and deliver the needed information to get the job done. So let’s dig into exactly how to create an interactive quiz — with a video tutorial!

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are free products or services you can offer as an exchange for contact information (aka that shiny email address) from your prospective clients or customers. Whether it’s an ebook or a free PDF, these resources offer your clients something of value. Lead magnets are essential for building a client base, deepening your brand trust and engaging your audience. Building your email list without a lead magnet can be very difficult and slow. By offering your audience an answer to something they’ve been searching for, not only makes you an authority in your field, but it also brings in leads straight to your inbox.

You’ve probably used or seen many different lead magnets to grow your email list. Maybe you’ve even come across some of ours — 4 ways to find SEO keywords (most popular) or our monthly social content calendar with reel ideas and trending audio. They can come in so many different formats from a PDF guide or resource to a checklist or even a simple discount code email. And now one of our favorite types of lead magnets — an interactive quiz. Interactive quizzes are a little different from a typical lead magnet because what they offer is an engaging and insightful way for your audience (and you) to gain more information about what they truly need. 

What Are The Benefits of an Interactive Quiz?

  • With an interactive quiz, you can ask specific questions and offer more personalized solutions. Whereas traditional lead magnets are one-sided. You assume you are delivering the information your audience is looking for.
  • Deeper segmentation with your audience by categorizing their responses.
  • Gather more information about who your audience is.
  • Boost client engagement, especially if you have been hearing crickets lately.
  • More opportunity to showcase your brand personality and voice through a creative outlet with quiz questions and answers that actually sound like you.
  • Increase your email subscriber count organically, because quizzes are more interactive, engaging and just fun!

Overall, an interactive quiz can help increase the likelihood of attracting new clients and customers, addressing pain points, and presenting your content and services in a valuable and entertaining way.  

Why We Chose Interact as our Quiz Platform

Integrations with different email platforms are one of the best

Having software that complements what you already use is vital for efficiency and productivity. It’s a bonus to discover software that works well with other platforms and aids in delivering the best possible experience for your audience. Interact integrates with 30+ marketing platforms that you know and love to use.

One of their most well-loved integrations is with ConvertKit. It segments quiz leads and makes it easier to follow up with those different segments to drive more conversion. Interact also embeds with several website hosts, so it’s easy to have all your marketing tools accessible on one platform!

If you are curious how the integration can work with Flodesk, peek at our video below. We integrated our How strong is your ‘Gram quiz with three unique full-form opt-on pages for more segmentation without needing to use Zapier.

Easy to edit pre-built quiz templates

Be sure to watch the video below for a peek at this one! Almost all lead magnets can be time-consuming and put on the “I’ll do it later list”. However, Interact went ahead and did all the hard work for you. The platform has oodles of pre-built templates across every industry for quizzes. The best part is that you can edit each one to fit the purpose of your interactive quiz. If you listened to the podcast episode, you know that Interact is always releasing new templates and they are constantly looking for feedback on what you need. So don’t be shy, speak up! 

Free 15-minute strategy calls for new users

If you’re still not convinced by the magic this platform offers, you can book a free 15-minute strategy call to determine if Interact is right for you. Did you know that even their CEO takes these calls each week? One of the many reasons why we love this company so much! On this call, you can brainstorm quiz ideas, get their expert opinions on the best conversions in your industry or build a quiz in advance of the call and get their feedback. A call with the experts for free so you can build the best interactive quiz ever… sign us up!

How To Build A Quiz With Interact

Build an interactive quiz with us in a single day — it’s that easy! On this video, we walk through how to build a quiz from both a template and from scratch. We also share how our current quiz is brought to life with Flodesk full-page opt-in forms to help grow our list.

We built THIS quiz on the video below in a single day. It really can be that easy to create a lead magnet for your business and help grow your email list.

Now let’s break this down in step by step instructions for those of you who’d rather read then watch. Interact has dozens of quiz templates across various industries and they are adding more as you read this post!

Let’s go ahead and breakdown the steps:

  1. First sign up for your 14-day free trial in order to start building your first quiz.
  2. Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, click on “create a new quiz”
  3. You’ll have the option to start from scratch or choose a template by sorting through the industries on the left sidebar.
  4. Next, be sure to edit your brand colors and images so it looks and feels like you.
  5. Now if you started with a template, you’ll read through each question and customize the copy to fit your brand voice and overall purpose of the interactive quiz. If you started from scratch you will start to write in your own Q&A’s.
  6. Then you’ll need to make sure you’ve Identify the correct answers by clicking “edit result correlation”. You will then make sure the correct answer is lined up with the correct result by clicking on the lines and highlighting your choices.
  7. Next, head over the the results tab and determine what you plan to deliver to your audience (a free resource, a discount code, some education and tips right there, etc.)
  8. When you’ve finished all your edits, you now need to set up any appropriate integrations, especially if you are working with an outside email marketing platform.
  9. Finally, we always recommend optimizing your quiz for sharing amongst your audience. This is free organic traffic, friends! On the left sidebar, select social settings. Click active social share. You can decide where these share options appear on your quiz and what social media platforms the quiz taker can share their results on. Interact offers a link to share results as well. You can include a heading and template that automatically populates with the personalized results. 

And That’s Why Interact Is One Of Our Favorite Email Marketing Tools

We love Interact for so many reasons. The biggest is because it’s a valuable platform that requires zero effort for business owners to engage with leads and convert them into clients. After the initial set up of course! Using an interactive quiz as a lead magnet not only makes your business unique but it also engages your audience way more effectively than a PDF resource alone. Plus, you offer potential leads a fun way to assess their needs while segmenting your audience on who you can best serve. Win, win, win, win… how many wins can we add?

So how do you get started?

Get started and create your first interactive quiz today! Afterwards, you’ll receive your invite to a free 15 minute strategy call with an Interact team member — it could be Jackie herself! Together, you’ll discuss where to get started and how it aligns with your goals. Then you will build your quiz, hit publish and reap all the benefits of adding an interactive quiz to your organic marketing toolbox.

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