Hot Tips To Start Selling On Etsy In 2023


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Etsy is one of the only website platforms we don’t focus on when it comes to SEO. Although the terminology and success stories may be similar, it’s a whole new ballgame. Monica is the owner of Plant Based Beauty. She grew her Etsy shop to over 5,000 orders and almost $100,000 in sales in one of the most saturated categories by leveraging her eight years of corporate e-commerce marketing experience. She is now teaching and coaching product business owners all her growth secrets!

We recently appeared on her podcast, The Product Biz Academy to chat about one of our favorite topics, SEO. So, we knew we had to bring Monica on to share her knowledge of the Etsy algorithm and why it’s a must for any type of product, including digital downloads. 

What You Can Expect to Hear in This Episode

  • Who is Etsy for?
  • Can Etsy be successful for both physical and digital products?
  • Do you recommend people sell products on their own website and Etsy?
  • If so, what’s the benefit?
  • What are your best tips for getting started and successfully making sales?
  • Are there any resources or tools to make the setup process easy, especially if you have dozens of products?

The Three Biggest Drivers to Success When Selling on Etsy

Being successful on Etsy is more than just listing your products. You can’t just put it out there and expect people to come. Just like your website! We asked Monica the three biggest drivers to get people to find your products on Etsy.

1. Be Customer-Focused

It’s natural to want to use our own terminology to describe our products, but we really should focus on the language the customer would use. Specifically, the product title, description, and tags are super important to fill with keywords customers are searching for. Search on Etsy and see what additional terms it suggests to narrow down your search. You can use those to be specific in your titles and tags!

2. Use the Marketing Levers Etsy has to Offer

The best way to stand out is to use the resources given to you by Etsy. There are seven different marketing levers you can use, but a lot of people don’t use them. When a marketing lever is there, it means Etsy has researched it to prove the strategy increases sales; they wouldn’t offer it if it didn’t work!

3. Confirm Customer Expectations

After you’ve hooked the potential customer, you need to confirm their expectations of your product. You need to have all the information they potentially need right then and there. Know what your customers need to know in the description and photos to have their expectations confirmed. All their questions are answered, they trust you, and they know this is the product they need!

You have to be a small business owner to sell on Etsy, so it’s common to assume it’s only for physical products. But there are also so many businesses out there that sell digital products! Even if you are a service-based business, you too have an opportunity to sell on Etsy. 

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Hot Tips To Start Selling On Etsy In 2023

Meet Monica Little

Monica is the owner of Plant Based Beauty and grew her Etsy shop to over 5,000 orders and almost $100,000 in sales in one of the most saturated Etsy categories by leveraging her 8 years of corporate e-commerce marketing experience and implementing a unique, customer-focused approach on Etsy to stand out and get in front of more customers. Monica created Etsy Algorithm Secrets and Product Biz Academy to teach product based small business owners how to build, market and grow their businesses to new levels.

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