Declutter Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Jade Boyd


Declutter Your Business in 5 Simple Steps with Jade Boyd

It’s officially spring cleaning season, which means it’s time to see what needs to be cleaned up in your business. This is something we definitely need to be better at (don’t even talk to us about our inboxes 😬) So selfishly, we loved talking to Jade to get some tips on how to declutter your business. 

Let’s dive right in!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What inspired you to focus on helping women declutter their businesses?
  • Could you walk us through the five simple steps to decluttering a business?
  • What are some common sources of clutter in businesses, and how can entrepreneurs identify and eliminate them?
  • What role does mindset play in decluttering a business, and how can entrepreneurs cultivate a minimalist mindset?

What is business clutter?

People aren’t usually thinking about decluttering their business. They know they need to declutter their kitchen, car, or their kid’s playroom… but their business gets put on the back burner. 

Business clutter is anything that distracts you from what’s important in your business. What you consider clutter might look different from what someone else sees as clutter. What’s most important in each business is unique. But if something is distracting you from making progress in your business or your goals or getting the important things checked off your to-do list, it’s probably business clutter.

We can get caught up in the hustle and chase the dopamine hit we feel when we check something off our to-do list. It’s easy to start our day in our inbox and get sucked in for too long. It gives us the feeling of accomplishment, but it doesn’t move the needle in your business.

Identify when you’re working on important things vs when you’re working on admin and backend tasks. Be aware of how much time you spend on those things. Are they distracting you from your goals? If everything you’re doing isn’t helping you reach your business goals, it’s not worth doing. Think about outsourcing those tasks.

How to Declutter Your Business

There are SO many things you can declutter in your business. The goal of decluttering is for you to focus on the tasks that will help your business grow. 

Here are the five steps to start to declutter your business:

  1. Clarity: Know what you want (goal setting). Have no more than three goals for your business in a year.
  2. Edit: Subtract what isn’t working and what isn’t important. What will distract you from those three goals? 
  3. Organize: There’s a lot you can organize in your business that will make you feel good but probably won’t drive the needle. The one thing you should have is a task management system
  4. Execute: You can have the perfect plan, but you have to show up and do it. Learn to manage your time, focus, and energy.
  5. Maintain: Decluttering your business is a rhythm you should do frequently as your life and business change.

Decluttering can be overwhelming. It’s really hard to get rid of things, even when you know you’ll feel better after. Think of it as a solution instead of a chore. The steps Jade shares are simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It won’t take you 20 minutes to declutter your business, but it’ll save you so much time in the future. Add these five steps to your next CEO day!

About Jade

Jade is a business and productivity coach who helps burnt-out service providers simplify and scale their businesses so they can earn their dream income while working part-time hours. As a Business Minimalist, Jade believes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. She helps her clients build custom strategies and systems that save them time while increasing their profit. Jade lives in Iowa City with her husband and daughter (due June 2024!). She spends her free time obsessing over her plants, reading 50+ books/year, and doing DIY home renovation projects. 

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