Client Branding Experience: Rebranding What Sara Said


Client Branding Experience with What Sara Said

We are so excited to bring Sara Gillis on the podcast. Sara has been a student of ours, a friend and now a client! She is a copywriter specializing in helping female creative business owners, especially photographers, stand out through their words. There are so many topics we could talk about with her, BUT in today’s episode, we’re talking about her branding experience with us and everything that it entailed. From when she knew she needed a rebrand to the emotions that come along with the rebranding process, we talk about it all! 

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How did you determine when the time was right to rebrand?
  • Can you tell our audience about all the emotions that come along with the branding experience and how to deal with them?
  • For companies contemplating a rebrand, what advice would you offer based on your experience?

How to Know It’s Time to Rebrand

Deciding to rebrand your small business is a strategic decision. It’s also an investment (of money and time), so really think about the timing of your rebrand and if it’s right for you. Don’t rush into it because you hate your logo. Think about what you want your brand to represent about you and your company. 

Here are some other reasons why you might want to consider a rebrand:

  • Your ideal client has changed (or your brand is attracting the wrong client).
  • Your current brand doesn’t represent you how you want it to.
  • You’ve changed your services or business focus.
  • Your brand is leaving you feeling uninspired. 
  • Fear is kicking in, and you are afraid you’re getting lost in the sea of your competition.
  • Your brand has become confusing or overcomplicated.

Sara’s Rebranding Experience

For Sara, she had been in business for two years already when she decided it was time to rebrand. A lot has changed in her business since she started. When Sara started her business in 2020, she was working primarily with real estate agents. She ended up pivoting to creatives, specifically photographers. Changing her ideal client and buyer persona was one motivating factor in deciding to rebrand. Sara felt like she needed a new visual identity to represent her new ideal client. 

Like many new business owners, she launched her website on her own and didn’t have a brand strategy behind it. She was just ready to get it out there! #relatable Sara felt she needed to be clear about who she is as a person and a company through her branding. 

Your business (and you!) evolve over time. It makes sense to let the brand evolve, too. It’s completely okay to not be in love with your brand anymore. Even if you feel uncomfortable or scared by the thought of a rebrand (but know it’s time), jump in! You’re saying ‘yes’ to a new business that lights you up. How exciting! 

“There were so many moments where I felt so seen and understood.”

Rebranding brings a lot of emotions. It can be scary and exciting, and maybe you’re still questioning if it’s the right thing to do! There’s a pruning process where you’re leaving behind a business you started from the ground up. You might have to break up with some clients that no longer align with your new brand. For Sara, it felt like she was stepping into who she really was and who she always wanted to be. How cool that a brand can make business owners feel that way!

Straight from Sara’s mouth – no need to take our word for it 😉 “There were so many moments where I felt so seen and understood. The process didn’t feel scary. It felt like alignment. It felt empowering to say, ‘I’m stepping into who I am and who I’ve always wanted to be, and this is the brand to take me there.’”

We absolutely loved working with Sara on her rebrand and are thrilled she loves her brand! If you’re ready to start 2024 with a branding experience from Duo Collective, explore our branding services! We would love to work with you and help you elevate your brand to a level you can be truly proud of 😍

About Sara 

As a copywriter at What Sara Said, business coach, and host of the copywriter on-call podcast, Sara Gillis helps female creative business owners, especially photographers, stand out through words. After teaching writing for nearly a decade, Sara left education to help business owners show up authentically online by crafting website copy that’s word-magic for their ideal clients.

Sara shares practical advice to infuse creative businesses with storytelling and heart. She coaches her clients to do the work to show up confidently in business and be fearless in pursuing passions and communicating value.

Sara serves clients nationwide but calls South Dakota home. She loves her life with her husband, Jordan, their two hockey-obsessed sons, Lionel (11) and Quincy (8), and their two doodles, Nellie and Mookie.

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Client Branding Experience: Rebranding What Sara Said

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