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Are you finally feeling ready to invest in a client management system? Maybe you already have one and your wondering if it’s the best tool for you? Or maybe you already love Dubsado like us and want to see if there are any fun tricks you might be missing. Either way, this episode is for you!

Today, we are joined by Becca Berg, the co-founder of Dubsado. A ton of entrepreneurs in our network use Dubsado, and it was so cool to talk to the person who made this tool we use every day!

For those who don’t know… Dusbado is a central hub for your business. It has everything you need to run your business operationally from sending contracts to sending invoice reminders to scheduling appointments— plus it’s beautiful! 

Dubsado has become a tool we can’t live without in our business. It was amazing to talk to Becca and learn more about how you can use Dubsado in your service-based business. We hope you enjoy the episode! 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How did the idea of Dubsado get started and evolve?
  • Can you give us the elevator pitch of what Dubsado is and how your customers use it to enhance their business?
  • What would you say the biggest difference is between Dubsado, 17Hats, Honeybook, or any other CRM out there?
  • What types of businesses use Dubsado? Do any product businesses use this tool?
  • What’s next for Dubsado? Can you share any behind the scenes projects!?

Tips to Start Using Dubsado

Something that often holds entrepreneurs back from trying something new is the fear of having to figure it out. Dubsado has a reputation for being a little hard to use at first because there’s so much you can do. You can get overwhelmed by what’s in front of you right away, but once you get the hang of it, it makes things SO much easier. So, we asked Becca to share some tips to jump into the tool.

1. Write down your processes.

What happens from the moment a potential client inquires about your services to getting them offboarded? A clear picture of your processes is essential to know how you can use Dubsado in your business.

Then go into Dubsado and see what you can start utilizing. Maybe you start by creating a template for your inquiry form or importing your standard contract and identifying custom fields. Take it little by little; the simple steps add up and will save you time with each client.

We talked all about building your processes with Taryn in episode #61!

2. Dive into workflows.

Sometimes, people want to dive into workflows right away, but Becca recommends doing this second because it can be overwhelming when you don’t know how your systems operate. 

Go through your client experience and see how everything works. Then, you can start automating things. Start small! You don’t need to use every single tool Dubsado has to offer right away. Use what you want to right now. Then you can start adding things in the future once you’ve got the hang of things.

Once you’ve collected some templates, you can copy/paste them to Dubsado and never recreate them again. It’s one of our favorite parts of Dubsado because it saves us so much time. We used to send Word Docs or Excel sheets with invoicing info, the same email over and over, and recreate things that just didn’t need to be recreated. 

Did you know Dubsado will re-create forms for you!? 🤯

I wish I knew this when we first signed up! This is arguable one of the best reasons to switch to Dubsado! Their team will re-create up to 10 forms for you for free! So if you already have forms, questionnaires, contracts, etc. just send them over to Dubsado to help re-create them in their system. A much easier way to make the switch and get started!

Dubsado has taught us how to be more efficient in our business, and we will be customers for a long time! We hope you learned something new about the client management system, Dubsado, in this episode. If you’re considering using Dubsado in your business, visit this link to get 20% off Dubsado for an entire year

About Becca and Dusbado

Becca and Jake Berg founded Dubsado because they saw a need within their community of friends to tie multiple systems together and make their businesses run easier, smoother, and more efficiently. They work and laugh together, challenge each other, and most importantly, love being with each other in and out of the office.

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Meet the Mastermind Behind the Client Management Platform Dubsado, Becca Berg

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