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DIY SEO Course Student Katy from We Are Ryn Boutique

We are bringing a past SEO On Tap student on the pod this week! Katy from Ryn Boutique has had our DIY SEO course for a while now; before we revamped the whole thing. And the best part is that since she is a past student, Katy now gets the new course for free. Because when you’re a student of ours, you’re a student for life! (psst. a major benefit for all our new students entering right now too!)

We wanted to get Katy on the podcast to share her experience inside SEO On Tap and how the DIY process went for her. We are so excited for you to get an inside look at the whole experience of being a student of ours.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Was there a nugget in our DIY SEO course that you found super valuable or something you didn’t know anything about?
  • How did the process of implementing everything into your website go? 
  • What would you tell someone who is thinking, “I don’t think I will ever understand SEO” or “I can’t DIY this”?
  • What are some results you can share with us?
  • How do you feel about SEO after taking the course? 

Katy said, “I didn’t know where to begin because I didn’t know what any of the words meant.” Now she knows what all those terms mean, thanks to a course dedicated to simplifying all the ‘techy’ SEO vocabulary that overwhelms so many of us in the beginning.

When is it time to invest in SEO?

There are lots of signs to know when it’s time to invest in SEO. Katy’s business is relatively new (under two years), and because she has a specific niche, she knew she needed consistent organic traffic. Katy knew she wanted to work with us, but unfortunately, we had a three-month waitlist at the time. So, she decided to purchase the course and learn on her own. 

Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in SEO:

  • Your website isn’t ranking well on search engines, and you aren’t getting much traffic.
  • Competitors are consistently outranking you.
  • Conversions are dropping.
  • You’re launching a new website, product, or service.
  • Your inquiries are inconsistent, or you’re attracting the wrong audience.

We know all businesses can benefit from an SEO strategy, and we were happy to be able to help Katy learn and implement SEO for her biz! 

What is SEO On Tap?

SEO On Tap is our DIY SEO course for business owners feeling like SEO is too hard for them to understand. We break down everything into non-jargony terms and teach you to implement SEO best practices on your own. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Setting a solid SEO foundation by debunk myths, learning the tools you need, setting goals and more.
  • Find out what your audience is searching for— aka keyword research.
  • Exactly how to optimize your website
  • How to measure success with analytics
  • Long term growth strategies from backlinks to blogging.
  • And you can’t forget the specialized bonuses from AI to local SEO, podcast SEO, e-commerce strategies and more!

You’ll also get two live Q&A calls with us, exclusive access to our VIP course community, lifetime access to all content (and all updates we make in the future), a complete website toolkit, workbooks, and printable resources.

We know SEO feels hard. That’s why we’re giving you all the extra support you could ever need. Are you ready to take the leap and learn SEO? Register for SEO on Tap today – we can’t wait to see you inside!

About Katy

Katy Hommes is the founder of Ryn, an online boutique known for its commitment to slow fashion, sustainability, and creating exceptional shopping experiences rooted in Midwestern heritage. Katy has dedicated her career to inspiring mindfulness and intention through the timeless pieces Ryn offers. The boutique is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and the art of storytelling through fashion, aiming to foster a community of mindful consumers and advocates for sustainable living.

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