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One of the very first tips you will hear when starting a new business, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, is to find your niche. In doing so, it is your opportunity to narrow in on a specific industry, age group, demographic location or personality type. You’ve likely heard this phrase before and finding your niche can feel like a lot of pressure. Did you narrow your audience down enough? What happens if you lose business because of it? How do I even find my niche in the first place? These are just a few questions we cover in this episode of Duo On Air.

One thing you should know is that we, at Duo Collective, actually take a unique approach to niching down. We have a pretty wide audience group, but very specific offerings in the organic marketing space. When trying to find your niche, it’s important to first truly understand your ideal audience is. Sometimes we think too hard about narrowing down rather than understanding who it is exactly we want to work with and attract. So let’s dig in!

There are some benefits to niching down…

  • Streamline your processes and workflows
  • Speak more clearly to your audience
  • Convert more easily because your audience isn’t questioning whether they are right for you

Finding your niche looks different for everyone

Determining your niche can look different for different business owners. There is no one-size fits all niche strategy plan. For us, we chose to get more narrow in our offerings while keeping our audience group a little wider — for now. Rather than offering everything in the marketing space like we used to at our 9-5 agency gig, we instead focus on organic growth through very specific Instagram, SEO, and branding packages.

We chose not to narrow in on a specific industry or field of work. When looking back at our clients who we loved working on, they all had one thing in common. That was an off the chart passion and drive for their business. These are the clients that get us jazzed and pumped up to create an organic marketing strategy for. These are also the clients who take our tools and dedicate 110% to implementation. Finally, these are the clients that see the most success.

So, how do you niche down in your business?

Start by asking yourself these questions. It’s important to be honest with yourself here too.

  • Who is your audience right now?
  • Which of this group or groups do you feel most passionate to serve?
  • What could you be more efficient at when it comes to your offerings or product categories?
    • Is there a “done for you” service you offer that doesn’t seem to be getting more efficient over time?
    • If you have a product business, do you feel like you have so many categories that creating new products is overwhelming?
    • If you are an educator, do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of content you have to educate on?
  • What is the thing you like creating most?
  • What is the thing you like creating least?
  • In 5 years, where do you see your business?

Now look back over your answers. You should have a pretty clear idea of who you want to serve and which of your products or services serve that person best. Or you might notice that there is something missing… something new you need to focus on. Either way, answering these questions will give you some clarity about finding your niche!

Hot Tip!

Never sacrifice finding your niche, over your passion of who you want to serve.

Give yourself grace and time to niche down your audience. It doesn’t happen overnight and you especially shouldn’t niche down at the beginning of your business days. It’s like trying to determine “what you want to do for your entire life” at 18 years old — crazy right!?

Every year you can ask yourself these questions and refine your audience and offerings. Your goals may shift, you may discover a completely different industry that you all of a sudden love or dislike, or maybe you discovered an offering that you really love or hate to work on. Be patient, and as you gain more experience and try new things, you’ll find the “perfect” audience niche for you.

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