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Duo On Air Marketing Podcast ways to grow organically

Organic marketing is kinda our jam! In our opinion, organic marketing is a non-negotiable. It should be a core pillar in any small business strategy from the very beginning. There are so many ways to grow organically and, even today, we are always looking for ways to expand that. Ways to grow without needing to depend on a marketing budget to pay for ads. Let’s get into it. As female entrepreneurs, here are our 5 of our absolute favorite ways to grow organically.

1. Instagram

If you follow us or peek at our feed, you’ll know that Instagram is obviously one of our top favorite ways to grow organically. When it comes to social media, any platform can work. It’s all about your passion and consistency with delivering content. The key is to educate and deliver value 90% of the time vs. selling. When you understand your audience and become an authority figure, you will suddenly become the expert that everyone turns to.

2. Blogging

As SEO experts, this is a non-negotiable. Google is always looking for fresh, valuable content to push to the top of search results. Blogs are one of the best ways to do just that — serve your audience and Google! Consistency is yet again the secret to success with this organic marketing tactic. Find a goal that works for you, for example one blog post a week, and stick to it.

3. Well-Optimized Website

A beautiful website doesn’t always mean that you’ll get consistent leads. If you discover that your website isn’t bringing in any leads, chances are it’s not optimized. If this is the case, focus on optimizing your website for search with content and copy that speaks to your ideal audience and uses keywords they are searching for. When the right people visit your website, you’ll get more leads naturally because they’re actually interested in what you have to offer. It’s a win-win!

4. Facebook Groups

This secret weapon was something we didn’t even start leveraging until late 2021. Did you know that engaging in Facebook Groups can be one of the best ways to drum up new business? There are so many groups out there, so be sure to find ones where your audience is engaging. Rather than you seeking them out, your audience might even just come to you asking all the questions you can answer. Keep in mind that a lot of these groups have rules and guidelines against self promotion, so be sure to peek at those first.

5. Email Newsletter

Growing our email list is a huge goal of ours for this year. Gathering email addresses through free resources and challenges has transformed our business! Last year we decided to be more intentionally about communicating consistently with our list through our Tuesday Tips & Sips Newsletter. This has been an incredible way to connect with hot leads which has ultimately lead to new inquiries and clients.

Be sure to listen to the full episode on The Duo On Air Podcast as we dig into each of these 5 ways to grow organically. There are so many other organic marketing tactics and we love adding to our arsenal. Be sure to experiment with what works best for you and your business.

Duo On Air Marketing Podcast Ways to grow your small business organically

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