3 Easy Ways To Get Backlinks For Your Website Today


3 Easy Ways To Get Backlinks For Your Website Today

Before we jump in… Take the 5 days to better backlinks email challenge!

You may have already dug into all things SEO for beginners and how to choose the right keywords for your blog, so you may be wondering, what’s next? How do I continue to drive traffic to my website and rank higher on search engines? Well we are glad you asked! Because we are diving into just that on The Duo On Air Podcast episode number 21 — three easy ways to get backlinks for your website. You can even tackle each one of these ideas today!

What is a backlink for my website?

A backlink is a link of your website living on someone else’s website. Have you ever been mentioned in another blog? Has there ever been an article written about you in a publication? Those are great examples of backlinks!

So why does Google love backlinks so much? Imagine you put a link to someone’s website on your own website. You likely trust that person and consider them really authoritative on the topic. Search engines recognize this and also start to notice your authority on the topic. 

Why backlinks are important

Backlinks are important to search engines like Google because they send a signal that you are an expert on the topic at hand. You might have written a great piece of content and therefore more people should see it. It’s like a public stamp of approval from your audience — this website is worthy! When you focus on building backlinks you are focusing on securing your authority online.

However, don’t forget that just getting a backlink isn’t enough. That backlink should also drive traffic. Because what’s the point of a backlink if it doesn’t drive any eyes to your website? Once you start securing high traffic backlinks, that is where you will start seeing the largest effect on your rankings and authority with Google. 

Where to buy backlinks

Now where should you buy backlinks? spoiler alert, this is a trick question. No where! This is the same as asking where can I buy followers on Instagram? It’s a tacky shortcut and will likely do more harm than good for most entrepreneurs and small businesses. Now, let’s go ahead and do the hard work together to secure some solid backlinks instead. Amiright!?

Here are three ways to get backlinks for your website:

  1. Guest podcasts: don’t forget to make sure each podcast your partner with has digital show notes. That is how you secure your backlink. (Not sure what a show note is? Psst. you are reading one right now!)
  2. List Posts: these are one of our sneaky favorite ways to secure a backlink for your website. Just start by googling “best [fill in the blank offering] for [fill in the blank niche]. For example, “best copywriters for female entrepreneurs”, “best marketing podcasts for the wellness community” or “best party planners in Minneapolis”. 
  3. Directories: member directories are some of the easiest backlink ideas, because they likely just require a profile completion and maybe some money. There are a billion directories both local and nationally across every industry. For example, go ahead and check out your local chamber of commerce.

What to do after you’ve received a backlink?

Once you’ve secured a backlink, go ahead and give yourself a high five, glass of champagne and just take a moment to bask in the glory. But then, don’t forget to promote these links on your social media channels, email list and anywhere else you stay active to help drive website traffic.

What is the best way to build a backlink strategy plan?

Aside from working with us? ? We recommend hat you set goals for yourself right now. How often are you going to do outreach to get your name on more list posts? Will you appear on a new podcast regularly? How often will you guest blog? Will you try to interview with more local and national publications and news channels? Set these goals for your business and stick to them! That is the best way to build a backlink strategy plan that actually works. 

Tune in to the episode to hear more about these three ways to get backlinks for your business. And if you liked today’s episode on The Duo On Air Marketing Podcast, don’t forget to leave us a review & subscribe!

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3 Easy Ways To Get Backlinks For Your Website Today on the Duo On Air Podcast

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